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Logbook for David Bird

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Shallow Groovef4 SentAliB07/May/13Shaftoe Crags
Pocket Wall (problem 45)f4 SentAliB07/May/13Shaftoe Crags
Side Wallf4 SentAliB07/May/13Shaftoe Crags
Way Coolf5 SentAliB07/May/13Shaftoe Crags
Deception CrackVD Lead O/SAliB06/May/13Bowden Doors
Flake CrackS 4b 2ndAliB06/May/13Bowden Doors
Guards ExitVD *LeadAliB06/May/13Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveVD ***LeadAliB06/May/13Bowden Doors
Tied and BoundVB 5b *Sent 03/Mar/13Garheugh Point
Un-named 3V1 5b Sent 03/Mar/13Garheugh Point
1.1V0- 5a Sent 03/Mar/13Garheugh Point
Dumby boysVB 5b **Sent 03/Mar/13Garheugh Point
Cracked AreteVS 4c **TR O/SCalum Mackie, AliB19/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Mr MenVS 4b **2nd O/SCalum Mackie, AliB19/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Access RouteD ***2ndAliB12/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
ScreamS 4b 2ndFrazer Merryweather, AliB12/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
AnarchistVD LeadFrazer Merryweather, AliB12/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky LizardHS 4b *LeadFrazer Merryweather, AliB12/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Strawberry CrackS **2nd O/SAliB14/Jun/12Neilston Quarry
Willie's Route VariationE2 6a 2nd O/SLauraG, AliB14/Jun/12Neilston Quarry
hyper realityVS 4b Lead O/SAliB14/Jun/12Neilston Quarry
Polish HangoverVS 4c *2ndAliB14/Jun/12Neilston Quarry
Willie's RouteS **LeadLauraG, AliB14/Jun/12Neilston Quarry
Driven Round The Benny'd5c Lead O/SAliB03/Jun/12Benny Beg
Lady Willoughby4a Lead O/SAliB03/Jun/12Benny Beg
The Beggar6a Lead O/SAliB03/Jun/12Benny Beg
JezebelD ***2nd O/SAliB05/May/12Crag Lough
Benny's Black Streak5c Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Lady Willoughby4a Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Beg'tastic5a Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Ally's in Wonderland3+ Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
The Beg Issue4a Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
The Smiddy6a Lead dogAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Begone5a Lead O/SAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Beg To Differ5c Lead dogAliB15/Apr/12Benny Beg
Hollybush CrackMS 4a 2nd O/SAliB09/Apr/12Back Bowden Doors
March LineVD *Lead O/SAliB09/Apr/12Back Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveVD ***Lead O/SAliB09/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Castle CrackVD ***2nd O/SAliB09/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Sheep Pen Traversef4 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Cornerf4 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Dreaming of Heucof4 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Paw Printsf3 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Hanging Ribf4 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Sheep Pen Scoopf3 Sent O/SAliB08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Bill and Benny the Flower Pot Men3 2nd O/SAliB01/Apr/12Benny Beg
Benydorm5a 2nd O/SFrazer Merryweather, AliB01/Apr/12Benny Beg
Driven Round The Benny'd5c Lead O/SFrazer Merryweather, AliB01/Apr/12Benny Beg
Benny and The Banshee's4a 2nd dogFrazer Merryweather, AliB01/Apr/12Benny Beg
Benny Hill5c 2nd O/SFrazer Merryweather, AliB01/Apr/12Benny Beg
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