54 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Monkeing Around6a -???/2010Monkey World
stoned monkey6b -???/2010Monkey World
Aw Shucks6a+ -???/2010Monkey World
The Smoking Room6b+ -???/2010Melting Wall
Climb of the Ancient Mariner6a -???/2010Melting Wall
Captian Hook6b -???/2010Melting Wall
Melting Pot6b -???/2010Melting Wall
Lost in Space6b -???/2010Eagle Wall
Where Eagles Don't Dare6a+ -???/2010Eagle Wall
Totem Pole6a -???/2010Eagle Wall
Sea Monkeys6b+ -???/2010Eagle Wall
Speaking Out Loud6b -???/2010Eagle Wall
Dead Spanish Bolts5a -???/2010Eagle Wall
alta ruta6b+ -???/2010Eagle Wall
Spiderman6a ***-???/2010Eagle Wall
Made In Spain6a+ -???/2010Eagle Wall
Desayuno de Nono6b -???/2010Eagle Wall
Missing Snow6b+ -???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Lars & Lars7a -???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Loisl6c+ *-???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Langes Feschtl6b+ -???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Kuahtittnseppl6c+ **-???/2010Tyrolean Wall
No Have7b+ **-???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Placebo6c **-???/2010Tyrolean Wall
Wake and Bake7a+ -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
No Name6c -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Schlingel Max6b -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Schlingel Moritz / Pahn Taalod / Always Pass6a -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
The Lion King6c+ -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
By Way of Deception7a -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Jumping for Jugs6c *-???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Fips, der Affe (aka Som Tam)7a *-???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Reminiscence7a+ -???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Tiger Queen7b *-???/2010Dum's Kitchen
The Sit Spins6b+ **-???/2010Dum's Kitchen
Tidal Wave7c ***-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Cafe Andaman7b **-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Stalagasaurus (2004)6a+ -???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Babes in Thailand7a ***-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Lal Bab7a+ -???/2010Ton Sai Roof
I speak no English6b -???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Reisenbaby7a+ *-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Ton Sai Playboy7a+ ***-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Love of Travelling7a+ **-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Second Home Ton Sai7a+ -???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Stalagasaurus6c+ -???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Reisenbaby7a+ *-???/2010Ton Sai Roof
Fire Starter6c+ -???/2010Fire Wall
White Hot Hernias6b+ -???/2010Fire Wall
Helga's Way / For Helga6a+ -???/2010Fire Wall