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Logbook for Adam Lowe

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Kerry Wavef5 *Sent x 24/Aug/12The Black Valley
Edge of the Onionf6A+ **Sent x 23/Aug/12Gap of Dunloe
Roadkillf6B **Sent x 23/Aug/12Gap of Dunloe
The Burbsf7A ***Sent x 21/Aug/12The Black Valley
Boneyard Aretef7A+ ***Sent x 20/Aug/12The Black Valley
Trench Crackf4+ *Sent x 24/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Jas' Wall (Left-Hand)f5+ Sent x 24/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Jas' Wallf5+ **Sent x 24/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Trench Eliminatef7A *Sent x 24/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Trench Dynof6C *Sent x 24/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Clinical Edgef7B **Sent x 21/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Me Julief7B *Sent x 21/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Full powerf6C *Sent x 21/Jul/12Hartland Quay
Total Powerf7A **Sent x 21/Jul/12Hartland Quay
The One [The Watchtower Hillside]f7A+ ***Sent x ???/2012Gap of Dunloe
L'Araignéef7A **Sent x 18/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
La Parrallele (Red 18)f5+ Sent O/S 18/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
La Leininger (Red 19)f5+ Sent x 18/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
La Lili (White 1)f6C **Sent x 18/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
Retour aux Sources / Etrave de Gauchef7A ***Sent x 15/Aug/1195.2
Red 45 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 13/Aug/1195.2
White 3 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 13/Aug/1195.2
La Fissure, White 37 (95.2)f6A+ *Sent x 13/Aug/1195.2
Red 36 (95.2)f4 *Sent x 13/Aug/1195.2
Red 32 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 13/Aug/1195.2
L'Angle de la Galotte (Black 18)f6A ***Sent x 12/Aug/11Buthiers
Musclor (Black 19)f7A **Sent x 12/Aug/11Buthiers
Blue 32 (95.2)f4 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Blue 33 (95.2)f4 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 37 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 40 (95.2)f4+ *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 41 (95.2)f4+ *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 42 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 43 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 45 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
White 27 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
White 29 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Pubis Infernal, White 31 (95.2)f6A *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
Red 36 (95.2)f4 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
White 34 (95.2)f5+ Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
White 27 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 11/Aug/1195.2
L'Ectoplasme, Blue 34 (95.2)f4+ **Sent O/S 10/Aug/1195.2
White 25 (95.2)f6A **Sent x 10/Aug/1195.2
Blue 35 (95.2)f5 *Sent x 10/Aug/1195.2
Red 46 (95.2)f4+ **Sent x 10/Aug/1195.2
White 24 (95.2)f5+ *Sent x 10/Aug/1195.2
White 28 (95.2)f4+ *Sent x 10/Aug/1195.2
Le Coq Droite (Blue 7)f4+ Sent x 09/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
La Poule (Blue 8)f4 Sent O/S 09/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
La Solitaire (Blue 10)f4+ Sent O/S 09/Aug/11Bas Cuvier
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