44 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
footlooseLead O/S24/Aug/14Tintern Quarry
The Buddleia Must DieLead dog24/Aug/14Tintern Quarry
One Step Ahead of the BluesLead dog13/Apr/14Ban-y-gor
Aerial CombatLead dnf13/Apr/14Ban-y-gor
Pet CemeteryLead dnf13/Apr/14Ban-y-gor
Josie SwoonpenceLead O/S16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
UgoolooLead O/S16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
The Good Friday AgreementLead16/Mar/14Ban-y-gor
The Motley CrewLead dog05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Muddy WatersLead O/S05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
GordonzolaLead dog05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
UgoolooLead O/S05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Slow Macabre DanceLead05/Sep/13Ban-y-gor
Wedding DazeLead RP10/Aug/13Cheyne Wears Area
DreamscapeLead O/S10/Aug/13Cheyne Wears Area
SidewinderLead O/S10/Aug/13Cheyne Wears Area
Where Silence Has LeaseLead dnf10/Aug/13Cheyne Wears Area
DispossessedLead dog??/Jul/13Tintern Quarry
Lotus WingLead dog07/Apr/13Ban-y-gor
A Little Stiff'nerLead dog07/Apr/13Ban-y-gor
Stars and StripesLead dnf07/Apr/13Ban-y-gor
Martyn & Gordon Go LargeLead O/S26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
KarangaLead26/Aug/12Tintern Quarry
The Unkindest Cut Of AllLead rpt22/Jul/12Tintern Quarry
Deja VuLead dog10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Phil in the GapsLead dog10/Mar/12Tintern Quarry
Morpheus2nd O/S01/May/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Hanging Out with Halo JonesLead O/S01/May/11Battleship Back Cliff
Like a Drowning ManLead RP01/May/11Battleship Back Cliff
Cosa Nostra2nd dog01/May/11Wallsend North
The Treacle FactoryLead dnf01/May/11Wallsend North
Odd Boots2nd O/S25/Apr/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Who Needs Hair Anyway?Lead O/S25/Apr/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Balch's SlideLead O/S25/Apr/11Fairy Cave Quarry
The SocialistLead O/S25/Apr/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Life in Limbo2nd16/Aug/10Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackLead rpt16/Aug/10Fairy Cave Quarry
Well Done PoppetLead O/S03/Jul/10Blacknor South
Do IxtlanLead O/S03/Jul/10Blacknor South
ImperfectLead O/S03/Jul/10Blacknor South
It's My LifeLead O/S03/Jul/10Blacknor South
Six Good BicepsLead O/S29/May/10Blacknor Beach
Fallen Slab ArÍteLead O/S29/May/10Blacknor Beach
Fallen SlabLead O/S29/May/10Blacknor Beach