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Logbook for Joe Black

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Accelerator7a *Lead RPollie11/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
Nameless6c *Lead rptollie11/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
Wonderlust6b **Lead O/Sollie11/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
Inception5c *Lead O/Sollie11/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
To Wish the Impossible7a ***Lead rptollie10/Oct/11Blacknor South
Pete's RibV7 ***Sent xollie, will black09/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
The Unworthy6c **Lead RPwill black03/Oct/11The Cuttings
Elephant on Rollerskates4a Lead β 02/Oct/11The Cuttings
Fountain of YouthV0- ***Sent O/S 01/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
The FlakeV4 **Sent O/S 01/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
RipplesV2 ***Sent x 01/Oct/11Cheyne Wears Area
Ixtlan6a ***Solo O/S 01/Oct/11Cave Hole
Captain Haddock6b *Solo O/Swill black01/Oct/11Cave Hole
The Big Easy6a+ **Solo O/Swill black01/Oct/11Cave Hole
Bay Watch6b+ Lead βwill black18/Sep/11Llanymynech Quarry
Summer Bay Babe6a Lead βwill black18/Sep/11Llanymynech Quarry
Brief Encounter6a+ **Lead O/S 16/Sep/11The Cuttings
New Saladin6c **Lead rpt 16/Sep/11The Cuttings
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the Team6a+ *Lead β 15/Sep/11The Cuttings
Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***Lead O/S ??/Sep/11Blacknor South
Pulpit RouteD **Lead β 31/Aug/11Cattle Troughs
First CornerS 4b **2nd β 31/Aug/11Subluminal
Pedestal CrackD 2nd 31/Aug/11Subluminal
Pedestal ChimneyVD Lead O/S 31/Aug/11Subluminal
The MaypoleHVS 5a **Solo O/Swill black28/Aug/11Lulworth
Buoys will be Buoys6b+ ***Lead βwill black24/Aug/11Battleship Back Cliff
Spittle 'n' Spume6a **Solo rpt 24/Aug/11Cave Hole
Fear's Younger Brother6a **Lead O/Swill black22/Aug/11Blacknor Far South
Spare the Fern5a *Solo β 22/Aug/11Blacknor Far South
Slings Shot5a ***Lead O/Swill black10/Aug/11Blacknor North
Cake Walk6a *Lead βwill black10/Aug/11Blacknor North
Fallen Slab3 ***Lead O/Swill black09/Aug/11Blacknor South
The Ghost of Saturday Night5c *Lead βwill black09/Aug/11Battleship Main
Pinch an Inch6a **Lead βwill black09/Aug/11Battleship Main
I'm Doing it Anyway4a *Lead O/Swill black09/Aug/11Battleship Back Cliff
Rag 'n' Bone Man6b *Lead O/Swill black09/Aug/11Blacknor Far South
Never Drive a Car When You're Dead6a **Lead O/Swill black09/Aug/11Battleship Main
A Dream of White Porsches5a *Lead βwill black08/Aug/11Battleship Back Cliff
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead O/Swill black08/Aug/11Blacknor South
Imperfect3+ *Lead O/Swill black08/Aug/11Blacknor South
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Driller6b **Lead rptwill black08/Aug/11Blacknor Far South
Braer Rabbit4a Lead O/Swill black08/Aug/11Battleship Back Cliff
This is This4c *Lead O/Swill black08/Aug/11Battleship Back Cliff
The Sod5c *Lead βwill black08/Aug/11The Cuttings
The Ramp4c *Lead O/Swill black08/Aug/11The Cuttings
Octopuss Weed6c ***Solo rpt 06/Aug/11Cave Hole
Pixie and the Milford Powerhouse5c **Lead βwill black05/Aug/11Wallsend North
Transiton6b+ *TR RP 30/Jul/11Woodslide
Reptile Smile6a+ ***Lead β 02/Jul/11Blacknor North
Temporary Lifestyle4c **Solo β 02/Jul/11Cave Hole
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