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Logbook for P Emery

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Easy RiderSent x12/Sep/14Buthiers Piscine
La Traversée de Magic BusSent O/S12/Sep/14Buthiers Piscine
No MojoSent β05/Sep/14La Roche aux Sabots
La ClassiqueSent β05/Sep/14La Roche aux Sabots
Chapeau ChinoisSent x05/Sep/14La Roche aux Sabots
Salmon 15Sent O/S04/Sep/14Apremont
Orange 1 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 26 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 3 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 7 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 8 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 10 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 11 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 12 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 13 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 19 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 24 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 25 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
Orange 29 (95.2)Sent01/Sep/1495.2
PulloverSent O/S24/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Zig Zag SSSent β24/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Bampot AreteSent dnf24/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Gardner's GirdleSent x24/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Reducer AreteSent O/S29/Mar/14Dumbarton Rock
HonestySent dnf29/Mar/14Dumbarton Rock
Billy No ClanSent β10/Aug/13Glen Lednock Boulders
Fog on the TyneSent O/S10/Aug/13Glen Lednock Boulders
Muir's SongSent O/S10/Aug/13Glen Lednock Boulders
The KeySent dnf10/Aug/13Glen Lednock Boulders
BondageSent x10/Aug/13Glen Lednock Boulders
The Black SeamSent O/S26/Jul/13Loch Buie
The Gunge PoolSent x26/Jul/13Loch Buie
Jimmy Da CricketSent O/S26/Jul/13Loch Buie
Crimps and ShrimpSent O/S23/Jul/13Loch Buie
Perfect DaySent O/S23/Jul/13Loch Buie
ChockstonerSent dnf12/Jul/13Craigmaddie
Left CrackSent O/S12/Jul/13Craigmaddie
Right CrackSent O/S12/Jul/13Craigmaddie
La Narine droiteSent x07/Jun/13La Roche aux Sabots
La Bégueule de Traverse (red 25)Sent x04/Jun/13Buthiers Piscine
Pas Glop!Sent x04/Jun/13Franchard Cuisiniere
TechnogymSent x03/Jun/13Le Diplodocus
Le VentruSent β02/Jun/13Franchard Isatis
Commercial RouteSent O/S04/May/13Dumbarton Rock
ChowbokSent O/S04/May/13Dumbarton Rock
Gardner's GirdleSent dnf04/May/13Dumbarton Rock
Zig Sit Start Super LowSent β04/May/13Dumbarton Rock
Billy No ClanSent O/S11/Aug/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Gritstoner's PathSent O/S11/Aug/12Glen Lednock Boulders
La FenetreSent β31/May/12Apremont
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