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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
PelezE1 5b **2ndhaydng16/Nov/12Ksar Rock
Jedi GrooveHVS 4c ***Leadhaydng16/Nov/12Ksar Rock
Pour MangerHVS 5a ***2ndhaydng16/Nov/12Ksar Rock
Cannon Buttress DirectE1 5b ***2ndhaydng16/Nov/12Ksar Rock
Ear Nose and ThroatE1 5b *AltLdhaydng15/Nov/12The White Dome - Tower 3
Dennis the MenaceHVS **2ndhaydng13/Nov/12Griffon Rock
Arapiles CallingE2 *2ndhaydng13/Nov/12Griffon Rock
InshallahE2 5b **2ndhaydng13/Nov/12Upper Eagle
Tan y DraigE1 5b ***2ndhaydng12/Nov/12Dragon Buttress
The Golden CompassE1 5b ***AltLdhaydng11/Nov/12The White Dome - Tower 3
The Colour of MoneyVS 4c ***Leadhaydng10/Nov/12Ksar Rock
Speed is EverythingE1 5b ***2ndhaydng10/Nov/12Ksar Rock
FireswordE1 ***2ndhaydng07/Nov/12Dragon Buttress
Beauty and the BeastE1 5a **AltLdhaydng06/Nov/12The Sanctuary
Pink LadyVS 4c ***AltLdhaydng05/Nov/12Lower Eagle
ColumnS 4a 2nd O/SNia09/Sep/12Boiler Slab
DulferS 4a *Lead O/SNia09/Sep/12Boiler Slab
Pinnacle CrackVD 2nd O/SNia09/Sep/12Boiler Slab
AssassinHVS 5a ***2ndhaydng11/Aug/12Juniper Wall
Trevor, The Pint And The Pram / aka HitmanHVS 4c 2ndhaydng11/Aug/12Juniper Wall
NinjaVS 4b *Leadhaydng11/Aug/12Juniper Wall
Wakey Wakey6a 2ndhaydng30/Jul/12Pwll Du Quarry, Pwll Du...
Coronal Discharge6a 2ndhaydng30/Jul/12Pwll Du Quarry, Pwll Du...
Snooze Control5c 2ndhaydng30/Jul/12Pwll Du Quarry, Pwll Du...
R.E.M. Sleep5c 2ndhaydng30/Jul/12Pwll Du Quarry, Pwll Du...
Sleep Over5a *2ndhaydng30/Jul/12Pwll Du Quarry, Pwll Du...
Cyfrwy by the Table DirectVD **AltLdhaydng28/Jul/12Cader Idris (Cyfrwy)
Missing NumbersHVS 5a 2ndhaydng21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
First SisterVS 4c **2ndhaydng21/Jul/12Stanage End
Overhanging ChimneyHVD **2ndhaydng21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
TyphoonVS 4c **2ndhaydng21/Jul/12Stanage High Neb
Inset SlabHS 4b *Leadhaydng05/May/12Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped CornerHS 4b **Leadhaydng05/May/12Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped SlabHS 4a ***2ndhaydng05/May/12Flimston Bay
TacticianHVS 5a **2ndhaydng25/Mar/12St. Govan's Head
HerculesHVS 5a **2ndhaydng24/Mar/12Stennis Head
ManzokuE1 5b ***2ndhaydng24/Mar/12Stennis Head
Fisting the Night Away5c 2ndhaydng26/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Slabadabadoo5a 2ndhaydng26/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
John Craven's Willy Warmer5c *2ndhaydng22/May/11Dancing Ledge
Borra Ring5c *2ndhaydng22/May/11Dancing Ledge
Chicago Pipe Dreaming6a *2ndhaydng22/May/11Dancing Ledge
Date with a Frog6a *2ndhaydng22/May/11Dancing Ledge
GangwayS 4a *2ndhaydng21/May/11Subluminal
Back StreetVS 4c *2ndhaydng21/May/11Subluminal
Pink 'UnVS 5a *2ndhaydng26/Apr/11Saddle Head
Sea MistHS 4a **2ndhaydng26/Apr/11Saddle Head
No HandsVS 4c *2ndhaydng26/Apr/11Saddle Head
LimboVS 4c *2ndhaydng25/Apr/11Stennis Head
QuickstepVS 4b 2ndhaydng25/Apr/11Stennis Head
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