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Logbook for Alex.M-M.

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Sheerlux24 *Lead rpt 05/Oct/14Mt. Eden Quarry
Arms Control24 **Lead O/S 16/Aug/14Sheridan Hills
Cry Wolf23 **Lead O/S 16/Aug/14Sheridan Hills
Hotter Than A Very Hot Thing21 Lead O/S 16/Aug/14Sheridan Hills
Carpe Diem17 ***Lead O/S 16/Aug/14Sheridan Hills
Hannah Louise18 ***Lead O/S 16/Aug/14Sheridan Hills
The Sweet and the Savage18 ***Lead rpt 02/Jun/14Kawakawa Bay
Rohans Little Sister16 *Solo rpt 01/Jun/14Kawakawa Bay
Great Scott20 Lead O/S 01/Jun/14Kawakawa Bay
Aliens21 *Lead O/S 01/Jun/14Kawakawa Bay
The Gecko Groove16 ***Lead rpt 31/May/14Kawakawa Bay
Critters Corner5.10a Lead O/S 31/May/14Kawakawa Bay
Flake 75.10a ***Lead rpt 31/May/14Kawakawa Bay
Outboard Crack5.9 **Lead rpt 31/May/14Kawakawa Bay
Predator22 *Lead O/S 31/May/14Kawakawa Bay
Punk rockers19 *Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Dogamatrix17 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
When Cavers go climbing21 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Trojan kat20 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Storming the gates of troy20 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Moonshine23 Lead RP 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
One, Two, Skip a few21 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Jess's staircase14 Solo O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Enter the arena22 Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Weapons of pleasure21 **Lead O/S 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Prokarstination22 **Lead RP 18/Apr/14Mangaokewa
Rohans Arete22 **Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
The Gecko Groove16 ***Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
Flake 75.10a ***Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
The Hecklers5.10b ***Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
High Hopes16 ***Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
The Sweet and the Savage18 ***Lead O/S 01/Jan/14Kawakawa Bay
The Raven24 *TR dog ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Deffust18 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Tears For Fears19 Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Biggles Flies West21 Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Graveyard Groove17 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Green Groove21 Lead dog ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Gothic Groove22 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Sheerlux24 *Lead dog ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Thimblerigger21 *Lead RP ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Soliloquy18 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Snatchbender23 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Bandersnatch19 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
Orangutang19 *Lead O/S ???/2014Mt. Eden Quarry
The Angry Sea and the Sky18 Lead O/S 28/Dec/13Ti Point
C.J.D ArÍte19 *Lead O/S 28/Dec/13Ti Point
Mister Daddy Longlegs22 ***Lead O/S ??/Dec/13Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Monsterpiece Theatre20 ***Lead O/S ??/Nov/13Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Terror Incognita18 ***Lead O/S ??/Nov/13Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
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