220 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Rubicon7a ***-???/2015Water-cum-Jolly
Incapacity Benefit7a+ **-???/2015Water-cum-Jolly
Armistice Day7a **-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Whose Line is it Anyway?7a+ **-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Up the River Without a Paddle6c+ **-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
War Memorial6c *-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Martial Music7a **-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Further Adventures in Greendale7a *-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Big Zipper7a+ **-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Indecent Exposure Direct7c ***-???/2015Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Lost Contact7a+ **-???/2015Smalldale Quarry
Soggy Biscuits7b+ **-???/2015Smalldale Quarry
Shanacie6b **-???/2015Smalldale Quarry
Riding the Bullet6c **-???/2015Smalldale Quarry
Coral Seas6a **-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Rocky Variations6b **-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Apollo Creed6b **-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Supernatural6a -???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Apt Pupil6c *-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
In the Gravy6a+ *-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Cairn7a+ ***-???/2015Harpur Hill Quarry
Arachonothera Direct6b+ *-???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Clarion Call7a ***-???/2015Chee Dale Lower
Stitch That7b+ **-???/2015Ban-y-gor
Rising Sap6b+ -???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Quality Control7a **-???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Max Pax 'em In7a **-???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Max 'is Wall6c *-???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Max Pact6b *-???/2015Chee Dale Upper
Sardine7b+ ***-???/2015Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
String of Pearls6b+ ***-???/2015Pen Trwyn
Homo Sapien7a+ ***-???/2015Pen Trwyn
The Pirates of Pen Trwyn6c+ ***-???/2015Pen Trwyn
Fresh Air6a **-???/2015Never Never Land
Peter Pan6a+ **-???/2015Serengeti
Slatebite7a **-???/2015Australia
Always Have the Edge6c **-???/2015Battleship Back Cliff
Realm of Chaos7b+ ***-???/2015Wallsend South
Underage6a **-???/2015Coastguard South
Xavier Zoo6a *-???/2015Coastguard South
Young at Heart6a+ **-???/2015Coastguard South
Ariane V7b **-???/2015Wallsend South
Almost Me7c ***-???/2015Ban-y-gor
Latest Craze7b+ **-???/2015Ban-y-gor
Poker Face7a+ **-???/2015Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Baby On Crack6b+ *-???/2015Çitdibi
Cupidon Right7a ***-???/2015Çitdibi
Papy On Flight7c ***-???/2015Çitdibi
Rigolos6c **-???/2015Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Maa Croob6c+ -???/2015Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier