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Logbook for Rampikino

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Water BoardSolo06/Dec/14Trevor Bouldering
Water FallSolo06/Dec/14Trevor Bouldering
Heavy DownpourSolo06/Dec/14Trevor Bouldering
DropletsSolo06/Dec/14Trevor Bouldering
The LumpSolo06/Dec/14Trevor Bouldering
Diagonal UndercutSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Ledge RouteSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
InsetSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
High ArchSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Short PullSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
White SpotsSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
DepressionSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Low Bulge MidSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Mid LineSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Short SlotSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Ledge RouteSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
Short PullSolo15/Nov/14Trevor Bouldering
White WallSolo11/Oct/14Trevor Bouldering
White WallSolo11/Oct/14Trevor Bouldering
White WallSolo11/Oct/14Trevor Bouldering
White WallSolo11/Oct/14Trevor Bouldering
White WallSolo11/Oct/14Trevor Bouldering
Flying ButtressLead20/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress CrackLead20/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Central TrinityLead20/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Right-hand TrinityLead20/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Spine (1)Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
ChipsSolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Very Easy SpringySolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Crispin's WakeSolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Collaborating with Santa (2)Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Slaprock TrioSolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Sans AreteSolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Ascend the Descent (1)Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Going to the Zoo TomorrowSolo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 1Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
The Pibbles Problem (2)Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 3Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 4Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 5Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 6Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 7Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Fairy's Cave - Route 8Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 1Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 2Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 3Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
Petit Block - Route 4Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 1Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 3Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
The Final Boulder - 4Solo30/Aug/14Fairlop Boulders
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