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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Tierdrop f7A+ *** Sent 19/Oct Ramshaw Rocks
Ripple f6B *** Sent β 19/Oct Newstones
Varicose f6A+ ** Sent 19/Oct Newstones
Wall and Mono f6A+ Sent 19/Oct Newstones
S & M f7A+ *** Sent x 19/Oct Newstones
Reservation f7B * Sent x 24/Sep Anston Stones Wood
Black Crow f7C+ ** Sent x 24/Sep Anston Stones Wood
Beginner's Wall 7b+ * Lead RP 22/Sep Blackwell Dale
A Bigger Splash Direct f7B * Sent x 16/Sep Water-cum-Jolly
Caviar Start f7B * Sent x 12/Sep Water-cum-Jolly
White Noise 5c S0 *** DWS O/S 09/Sep Porto Cristo - Cova del Diablo
Watch for Jellies 6c+ S0 * DWS O/S 06/Sep Cala Barques
Strangers in Paradise 7b+ S1 *** DWS G/U 06/Sep Cala Barques
Attack of the Spindly Killer Fish 7a+ S0 ** DWS G/U 04/Sep Cala Sa Nau
Gen Lock 6a+ S0 ** DWS G/U 02/Sep Cala Sa Nau
Left Cave Traverse 6b S0 * DWS 01/Sep Cala Barques
Fortuna 6a+ S0 * DWS O/S 01/Sep Cala Barques
Hercules 6c S0 *** DWS β 01/Sep Cala Barques
Orange Sunshine 7c+ ** Lead RP 26/Aug Chee Dale Upper
Rising Sap 6b+ Lead O/S 23/Aug Chee Dale Upper
Countdown 7a+ *** Lead RP 23/Aug Chee Dale Upper
Subterfuge 6b+ * Lead O/S 23/Aug Chee Dale Upper
A Bigger Tail f7A * Sent 10/Aug Water-cum-Jolly
Tiger Style f7A Sent β 08/Aug Water-cum-Jolly
Moat People 7b+ ** Lead O/S 08/Aug Water-cum-Jolly