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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Wings for Life6a **AltLd??/Oct/13Telendos South Face
Raven Crag GullyIII ***AltLd O/S31/Mar/13Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
Moss Ghyll (Winter)IV 5 ***AltLd O/S???/2013Scafell Crag
Eagle's Nest Ridge DirectMVS 4a ***-???/2013The Napes
Needle RidgeVD **-???/2013The Napes
The Wasdale CrackHS ***-???/2013The Napes
Arrowhead Ridge DirectVD ***-???/2013The Napes
Rainbow RidgeS 4a *-???/2013The Napes
Tophet WallHS 4a ***-???/2013The Napes
Trident RouteHS 4b *-???/2013Dow Crag
Arete, Chimney and CrackS 3c **-???/2013Dow Crag
Gordon and Craig's RouteS 3c **-???/2013Dow Crag
Great GullyVD -???/2013Dow Crag
Giant's CrawlD **-???/2013Dow Crag
Murray's RouteS 4a ***-???/2013Dow Crag
Woodhouse's RouteVD *-???/2013Dow Crag
Central ChimneyS 4a **-???/2013Dow Crag
'C' Ordinary RouteD ***-???/2013Dow Crag
Eliminate 'C'VS 4c **-???/2013Dow Crag
Intermediate GullyMVS 4b *-???/2013Dow Crag
Great Central RouteHVS 5b **-???/2013Dow Crag
The Yellow SlabHVS 4c ***-???/2013Scafell East Buttress
Great Eastern RouteVS 4c ***-???/2013Scafell East Buttress
The CentaurHVS 5a ***-???/2013Scafell East Buttress
Broad StandD -???/2013Scafell East Buttress
Central ButtressE1 5b **-???/2013Scafell Crag
Moss Ghyll GroovesMVS 4c ***-???/2013Scafell Crag
Slingsby's Chimney RouteVD **-???/2013Scafell Crag
Jone's Route Direct from Lord's RakeHS 4a **-???/2013Scafell Crag
Woodhead's ClimbMS 3c ***-???/2013Scafell Crag
West Wall TraverseI -???/2013Scafell Crag
The BanisterM **-???/2013Scafell Crag
New West ClimbVD ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
North-West ClimbMVS 4b ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
The Old West (winter)III *-???/2013Pillar Rock
Rib and Rib ClimbE1 5a **-???/2013Pillar Rock
Slab and Notch ClimbM *-???/2013Pillar Rock
SheolE2 5c **-???/2013Pillar Rock
ScyllaHVS 5a **-???/2013Pillar Rock
Nor'-Nor'-West ClimbVS 4c *-???/2013Pillar Rock
CharybdisHVS 5a **-???/2013Pillar Rock
GothE1 5b ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
The HunVS 4c *-???/2013Pillar Rock
VandalHVS 5a ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
Rib and Slab ClimbHS 4b ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
New West ClimbVD ***-???/2013Pillar Rock
The GrooveE1 5a ***-???/2013Llech Ddu (Black Slab)
The GroovesE1 5b ***-???/2013Cyrn Las
Gimmer StringE1 5b ***-???/2013Gimmer Crag
The Red EdgeE1 5a ***-???/2013Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)