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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Rocky6a *Lead O/S01/Sep/15Tirpentwys
Problem 52E3 5b Solo O/S27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Baby Slab P1V0 5b *Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Baby Slab P2V1 5c Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Warm Up Slab P25V3 6b -27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Warm Up Slab P26VB 4a *Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Warm Up Slab P27V1 5c *Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Twin Cracks P45V0+ 5b Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Twin Crack SSV1 **Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Opposite Rippled Wall P69V0 5a **Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Umpire Wall left areteE2 5b Solo β27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Innocuous TraverseV0 5b Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Hanging Crack P89V3 6a Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Hanging Crack low startV5 6a **Sent x27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Trench TraverseV1 5b **Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno Secteur P99V1 5c **Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Between 99 and 100V1 5b Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno Secteur P100V0 5a Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno P102V3 6a Sent27/Aug/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Raw Deal7a **Lead RP17/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Toxic Shock6b Lead rpt17/Aug/15Cheddar Gorge North
Bullet Hole BarrelV2 *Sent O/S16/Aug/15Ladye Bay (Clevedon)
Doughnut FrenzyV6 ***Sent x16/Aug/15Ladye Bay (Clevedon)
Hold your breathHVS 4c Solo β16/Aug/15Ladye Bay (Clevedon)
Not So DesparÍteV2 ***Sent O/S16/Aug/15Ladye Bay (Clevedon)
The Tillie TraverseV1 ***Sent rpt16/Aug/15Ladye Bay (Clevedon)
Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome HereE3 6a *Lead RP31/Jul/15Sandford Quarry
Eco-lineE1 5c Lead RP31/Jul/15Sandford Quarry
The Bloodshed Begins6a+ *Lead10/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Toxic Shock6b Lead10/Jul/15Cheddar Gorge North
Back SlabV2 5c *Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Dark WallV2 5c *Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Mini TraverseV3 6a Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Mini ArÍteV0 4b *Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Mini ProwV1 5b **Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
SquatV4 6a Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallV2 5c **Sent20/Feb/15Curbar Edge
Blazesf6A+ Sent04/Jan/15Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
End of it All S/Sf6A+ Sent x25/Dec/14Bourton Combe
Clockwork Orangef6A *Sent x25/Dec/14Bourton Combe
Alternative Threef6B ***Sent x20/Dec/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Last Wrightsf6A *Sent x20/Dec/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
FriardaysV0 5a Sent30/Nov/14Healaugh (Crag Willas)
FriarfoldV0- 4b Sent30/Nov/14Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Fry upV1 5b Sent30/Nov/14Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Friar TuckV0 5a *Sent30/Nov/14Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Gable EndV0- 4c *Sent30/Nov/14Healaugh (Crag Willas)
Ankarana6a Lead β29/Sep/14Wintour's Leap
Much Zebu Crudness6b **Lead O/S29/Sep/14Wintour's Leap
Still Nice and Sleazy6a+ **Lead rpt29/Sep/14Wintour's Leap