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NameStyleDate Crag name
SalbeiLead O/S09/Apr/15Summertime
AmmosLead O/S09/Apr/15Summertime
Ammohostos VasilevousaLead O/S09/Apr/15Summertime
Orea DanaLead O/S09/Apr/15Summertime
Til TanitLead O/S09/Apr/15Summertime
LambdaLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
Hot ChilliLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
Hotel Simi BasementLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
Hotel SimiLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
Telendos StarLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
RolfiLead O/S07/Apr/15Lambda
TelemacoLead O/S06/Apr/15Odyssey
PenelopeLead O/S06/Apr/15Odyssey
CirceLead O/S06/Apr/15Odyssey
Mikrotera KalamarakiaTR06/Apr/15Odyssey
FouskaLead dog06/Apr/15Odyssey
Too Fat for TufasLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
RoufosLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
Let There Be RockLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
Try MeLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
FlipperLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
DimitraLead O/S05/Apr/15Dolphin Bay
Wings for LifeAltLd O/S04/Apr/15Telendos
PlatonAltLd O/S03/Apr/15School
Yo YoLead O/S02/Apr/15The Spartan Walls
Dulces SueñosLead O/S02/Apr/15The Spartan Walls
OrganizerLead O/S02/Apr/15The Spartan Walls
Swiss BabyLead O/S02/Apr/15Afternoon
StarbuckLead O/S23/Mar/14Cheyne Wears Area
Tin ManLead rpt23/Mar/14Cheyne Wears Area
Slings ShotLead rpt23/Mar/14Blacknor North
The Great Hamburger DisasterLead O/S22/Mar/14The Cuttings
Little ChefLead O/S22/Mar/14The Cuttings
Two FingersLead O/S22/Mar/14The Cuttings
OpusLead O/S22/Mar/14The Cuttings
The Potting ShedLead rpt22/Mar/14The Cuttings
Orange 1Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 1bSent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Les Trois Bosses (Orange 2)Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 3Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 4Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 5Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 6Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 7Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
La Suze-Cassis (Orange 8)Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 9Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
La Fissure droite de la Dalle Richard (Orange 10)Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Le Surplomb du Fourchu (Orange 11)Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Les Portes de l'Enfer (Orange 12)Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard
Orange 13Sent O/S18/Aug/13Buthiers Canard