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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Blade Runner E3 5c ** Lead O/S 08/May Fair Head
Cake Walk E3 5c AltLd O/S 08/May Fair Head
The Brasser E2 5c *** Lead rpt 07/May Fair Head
The Embankment E2 5c *** 2nd 24/Apr Fair Head
Midnight Cruiser E1 5b *** Lead rpt 24/Apr Fair Head
April Variation Finish E1 5b ** 2nd rpt 24/Apr Fair Head
Sandpiper E2 5c *** Lead rpt 24/Apr Fair Head
Watersign E2 5c ** 2nd O/S 23/Apr Lower Cove
Maya E3 5c * Lead 23/Apr Lower Cove
Whole of the Moon E2 6a 2nd rpt 22/Apr Hen Mountain
Unforgiven E4 6a * Lead O/S 22/Apr Hen Mountain
Penny (Katana) E4 6a ** Lead 16/Apr Holyhead Mountain
Bran Flake E2 5b ** Lead O/S 16/Apr Holyhead Mountain
Clash of the Titans 6a ** 2nd O/S 13/Apr Australia
Plastic Soldier 6a ** Lead O/S 13/Apr Australia
The Skyline Club. E1 5c ** Lead O/S 13/Apr Australia
Fool's Gold E1 5c ** Lead O/S 10/Apr Bus Stop Quarry
Solstice HVS 5a ** - 06/Apr Bus Stop Quarry
Short, Sharp, Shocked E4 6b ** Lead dog 20/Mar Lower Cove
Journey into Life E3 5c *** Lead O/S 19/Mar Hen Mountain
King of the Mountains E2 6a ** Lead O/S 19/Mar Hen Mountain
Krammed E1 5a Lead rpt 13/Mar Lower Cove
Meat Grinder E2 5c *** 2nd rpt 13/Mar Lower Cove
Overdue E2 5c ** 2nd rpt 13/Mar Lower Cove
Left Arete E2 5c * Lead O/S 13/Mar Lower Cove