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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Project AE4 6b **TR RP15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Elf's CrackE1 5b Lead RP15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Left Projectf7A **Sent dnf15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam minif6B+ ***Sent rpt15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam mini SSf6C+ ***Sent rpt15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Antti's Projectf7A ***Sent dnf15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Project middlef7B **Sent dnf15/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Project AE4 6b **TR dog12/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Elf's CrackE1 5b TR RP12/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Left Project 2f7B ***Sent dnf08/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Right projectf6B+ ***Sent dnf08/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam minif6B+ ***Sent rpt08/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam mini SSf6C+ ***Sent rpt08/Jul/15Fintainblaue
Put your Hands in my PocketE3 6a **Solo rpt06/Jul/15Tussinkoski
Put your hands in my Pocket ssf6C ***Sent x06/Jul/15Tussinkoski
Put your hands in my Pocketf6A+ *Sent x06/Jul/15Tussinkoski
Pippelif6A Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Simple Mindf6A+ Sent O/S03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Starsf6B+ Sent dnf03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Left side of Starsf6B+ *Sent dnf03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Mumbof6A **Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Teknof6C+ Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Rockf7A Sent dnf03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Platoonf6C Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Extended Penis Extensionf6C Sent O/S03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Mumbo (left hand)f7A Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Yhnä directf6B **Sent x03/Jul/15Koivusaari
Left Projectf7A **Sent dnf30/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam minif6B+ ***Sent rpt30/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam mini SSf6C+ ***Sent dnf30/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Antti's Projectf7A ***Sent dnf30/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Lateralf6C+ *Sent dnf23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Ante up (dyno)f7B Sent x23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Ante up (non dyno)f6A Sent x23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Granialf6A+ Sent O/S23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Kaudalf6C+ *Sent x23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Optionalf5+ Sent x23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Dyno tai eif6C **Sent x23/Jun/15Matinkylä
Halipulaf6A Sent O/S23/Jun/15Haukilahti
Pyllistysf6A Sent rpt23/Jun/15Haukilahti
Unknownf6B Sent x23/Jun/15Haukilahti
Enkelif6B+ Sent rpt23/Jun/15Haukilahti
Sugar Bowlf6A+ **Sent x17/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam minif6B+ ***Sent x17/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Monster Jam mini SSf6C+ ***Sent x17/Jun/15Fintainblaue
The First Onef5 *Sent O/S16/Jun/15Fintainblaue
Poijuf6B *Sent rpt09/Jun/15Meilahti
Listahittif5 Sent O/S09/Jun/15Meilahti
Ampiaispesä directf6A Sent x09/Jun/15Meilahti
Ampiaispesäf6B Sent O/S09/Jun/15Meilahti