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Logbook for Eärendel F.

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Flap flapf6A **Sent dnfJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Hueco Bluesf7C **Sent xJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Zed's deadf6B Sent rptJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Telepatiaaf6B+ Sent rptJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Telepatiaa ssf7A+ **Sent rptJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Poketitf6A Sent rptJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Peilipelif6C+ **Sent dnfJohan Grönroos17/Sep/14Mellunmäki
Rock Fall Alley5c Lead O/SJohan Grönroos11/Sep/14Kauhala
The GiftE3 6a **Lead RPJohan Grönroos11/Sep/14Kauhala
Rock VandalVS 5a ***TR rptJanne27/Aug/14Rollarit
HyllyHS 4b *Lead rptJanne27/Aug/14Rollarit
Shell SuperE3 5c **TR rptJanne27/Aug/14Rollarit
Pilar6b Solo O/S 03/Jul/14Porto Pi (Palma)
Meca7b Solo O/S 03/Jul/14Porto Pi (Palma)
Cuquets6b Solo O/S 03/Jul/14Porto Pi (Palma)
Jaume6a Solo O/S 03/Jul/14Porto Pi (Palma)
Sa primera6a Solo O/S 03/Jul/14Porto Pi (Palma)
The GiftE3 6a **Lead dogJody Wren24/Apr/14Kauhala
The GiftE3 6a **TR dogJody Wren11/Apr/14Kauhala
Linnunpesäf6A *Sent dnfJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Valaskalaf6B+ **Sent xJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Hakahalkeamaf5+ *Sent rptJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Muskettif6A+ **Sent xJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Mantelif6B *Sent dnfJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Allegrof6A Sent rptJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Rubikin kuutiof6C Sent xJohan Grönroos03/Apr/14Taivaskallio
Scary Monsters6a *Lead O/SJody Wren28/Mar/14Kauhala
Power Ace6a+ *Lead dnfJody Wren28/Mar/14Kauhala
Häntäluuf6B+ Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Vincent Vegaf6A Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
50 Seconds Of Summerf6B *Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Undergroundf6A+ Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Telepatiaaf6B+ Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Telepatiaa ssf7A+ **Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Poketitf6A Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Bleached Blond Gets Headache Syndromaf6A Sent rptJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Peilipelif6C+ **Sent dnfJohan Grönroos25/Mar/14Mellunmäki
Sadetanssi6b+ *TR rptJohan Grönroos12/Mar/14Rollarit
Jätkä6c *TR rptJohan Grönroos12/Mar/14Rollarit
SpidermanE1 5b *Lead rptJohan Grönroos12/Mar/14Rollarit
RullaportaatVS 4c *Lead rptJohan Grönroos12/Mar/14Rollarit
AvalancheM5+ **Lead RPAntti L.04/Mar/14Hidden Valley
Weeping WillowWI4+ ***Lead rptJohannes Paloheimo23/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Highway to HeavenWI4+ ***Lead rptJohannes Paloheimo23/Feb/14Hidden Valley
AvalancheM5+ **TR O/SJohannes Paloheimo23/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Rocky MountainWI4+ ***Lead rptAntti L.20/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Rocky Mountain GrooveWI4+ ***TR rptAntti L.20/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Highway to HeavenWI4+ ***TR rptAntti L.20/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Bumpy HallowsWI4+ **Lead rptJohannes Paloheimo16/Feb/14Hidden Valley
Highway to HeavenWI4+ ***Lead rptJohannes Paloheimo16/Feb/14Hidden Valley
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