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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Cowboy Up!6c ***-26/Dec/11The Ranch
Six Shooter6a **Lead O/S09/Dec/11The Ranch
Boy Wonder (comes of age)6c+ -07/Nov/11Hatta
Reverse CowgirlHVS 5a Lead O/S05/Nov/11The Ranch
Training bra5c -16/Sep/11Hatta
League of Shadows6b+ *-16/Sep/11Hatta
Solar powered solitude6b *-16/Sep/11Hatta
Snakes and ladders5a -16/Sep/11Hatta
Edge fund5c -16/Sep/11Hatta
Crimppuccino6b -16/Sep/11Hatta
Open wide and say ahh5c **-16/Sep/11Hatta
Dark / joker6a Lead rpt10/Sep/11Hatta
Justice league6b **Lead rpt10/Sep/11Hatta
Boy Wonder (comes of age)6c+ Lead dog10/Sep/11Hatta
Jana's solution6c Lead O/S02/Sep/11Hatta
The troll6a Lead rpt02/Sep/11Hatta
Hollow laugh5c **Lead O/S02/Sep/11Hatta
Selee6a+ Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
We Sad6a+ ***Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
Massage Secrets6a+ ***Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
Short and Savage6b *Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
Sameboy6a+ Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
Dr Jekyll & Mrs Hyde6a+ Lead O/S30/Aug/11123 Wall
Money Maker6a Lead rpt30/Aug/11Pranang Beach
Little Shit6c Lead RP30/Aug/11Pranang Beach
Rod Yak (Difficult to Pass)6b Lead O/S29/Aug/11Dum's Kitchen
Little Shit6c Lead dog28/Aug/11Pranang Beach
Money Maker6a Lead O/S28/Aug/11Pranang Beach
Cash Flow (aka Voie du Club Alpine Thailand)5a Lead O/S27/Aug/11123 Wall
Selee6a+ Lead O/S27/Aug/11123 Wall
Giggering for Climbing5a Lead O/S27/Aug/11123 Wall
Ling Noi (Little Monkey)5a Lead O/S27/Aug/11123 Wall
Cash Flow (aka Voie du Club Alpine Thailand)5a Lead O/S27/Aug/11123 Wall
KharzangVD **Lead O/S20/Aug/11Sentinel Rock
Dog on Crack6c **Lead RP25/Jun/11The Narrows
Cowboy Up!6c ***-???/2011The Ranch
Rough Rider6b ***Lead O/S???/2011The Ranch
So long and thanks for all the bolts6a+ Lead???/2011Hatta
Shunned and falsified5c Lead???/2011Hatta
Fortune And Glory6a+ Lead???/2011Hatta
Troll slapping6c+ Lead???/2011Hatta
The troll6a Lead???/2011Hatta
Sugar plum psycho6a Lead???/2011Hatta
Chloe6a *Lead???/2011Hatta
Because it's there6b Lead???/2011Hatta
Atomic anteater6b Lead???/2011Hatta
Hallucinogenic abductions6a+ Lead???/2011Hatta
Blade runner5c Lead???/2011Hatta
Wonderlet5a Lead???/2011Hatta
Balrog6b+ **Lead???/2011Hatta