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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Two Minute SlabVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Small but Perfectly FormedVD *- 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Five Minute CrackVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Flaky WallVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Gneiss GrooveVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
GneissVS 4c *- 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
GneisserVS 4c - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
GneissestVS 4c *- 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Not BadVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Atlantic PillarHS 4b - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
StaircaseVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Pothole SlabVD - 24/Mar/14Gruinard Bay
Route 2S 4a *- 24/Mar/14Jetty Crag
MunroronVD - 24/Mar/14Jetty Crag
DoddleVD *- 24/Mar/14Jetty Crag
WanderlustVD **- 24/Mar/14Dog Crag
Raven's EdgeVD **- 24/Mar/14Loch Tollaidh Crags
Assault SlabVD ***- 24/Mar/14Loch Tollaidh Crags
Lucky StrikeVS 5a **- 12/Mar/14Stone Valley Crags
Bald EagleHVS 5a ***- 12/Mar/14Stone Valley Crags
Blood FeudE1 5b **- 12/Mar/14Stone Valley Crags
LaggavoulinVS 4c - 11/Mar/14Ardmair Crags
Le PetamineHVS 5a **- 11/Mar/14Ardmair Crags
Carved from StoneHVS 5a *- 11/Mar/14Ardmair Crags
SculptressHVS 5a **- 11/Mar/14Ardmair Crags
Right Hand IcefallIII - 07/Feb/14Lurcher's Crag
Anvil GullyIV 4 - 06/Feb/14Creagan Coire Cha-no
Wile-E-CoyoteIV 4 - 06/Feb/14Creagan Coire Cha-no
Direct RouteIV 4 *- 28/Jan/14Ben Nevis
Grasshopper AreteVS **- ???/2014Griffon Rock
Goldrush DihedralE1 ***- ???/2014Safinah
FireswordE1 ***- ???/2014Dragon Buttress
Dennis the MenaceHVS **- ???/2014Griffon Rock
A Profusion of ProtrusionsE1 **- ???/2014Griffon Rock
Speed is EverythingE1 5b ***- ???/2014Ksar Rock
Morocco CocoVS 4c ***- ???/2014Ksar Rock
Iron MaidenHVS 5b **- ???/2014Ksar Rock
Fortune and FameE1 5b **- ???/2014Ksar Rock
SaharaVS 4b ***- ???/2014Ksar Rock
The Golden CompassE1 5b ***- ???/2014The White Dome - Tower 3
Rice Crispie WallD *- ???/2014Cummingston
The GrooveD - ???/2014Cummingston
BombproofS *- ???/2014Cummingston
Sunshine RoofHS *- ???/2014Cummingston
Bachelor's Left-handHVS 5b ***- ???/2014Hen Cloud
Golden SlipperHVS 5a ***- ???/2014Pavey Ark
ArcturusE1 5b ***- ???/2014Pavey Ark
EarthboundHVS 5a **- ???/2014Neist
Terminal BonusHVS 5a **- ???/2014Neist
Insider DealingHVS 5a **- ???/2014Neist
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