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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Badfingerf6A **Sent xRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Bad Companyf6A ***Sent xRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
The Elf Directf6A *Sent xRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Rosef5+ Sent O/SRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
White Winef5 Sent O/SRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Marmosetf4 Sent O/SRich Dagnam10/Nov/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Huayni PotosiPD ***- 20/Jul/13Cordillera
Bushwacking Blues5c **Lead dogDash, Rich Dagnam02/Feb/13Houghton Graveyard
Immortalised in Stone7a Lead dogDash, Rich Dagnam02/Feb/13Houghton Graveyard
My Little Pony7a+ ***TR dogDash, Rich Dagnam02/Feb/13Houghton Graveyard
Courte et teigneuse 5a5a AltLd O/SDash19/Aug/12Vesancy
Ablonnade5c AltLd O/SDash19/Aug/12Vesancy
L'arrête4c AltLd O/SDash19/Aug/12Vesancy
L' a c c o u d o i r5c AltLd O/SDash19/Aug/12Vesancy
Tube à essai5c AltLd O/SDash19/Aug/12Vesancy
Luna6a+ ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Big Fun6a+ **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Un monton de chatarra6a **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Slipped in5a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
But One5a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Baron rojo6b+ *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Gabi6a ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Bladerunner6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Sergio y Antonio6a ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Yo y mi resaca5c ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Blobby Left6a+ LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Blobby Right6a LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Dos tetas tiran6b **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Three Dishes Menu5a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Escalera Arabe
Playmobil6a LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
Bohem Destrell6a+ LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
Poum Poum Ram Ram6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
Para Que Disfrute La Canalla6b **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
Crisis De Identidad6a+ LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
The Rib (Guerrera)6a+ **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Las Encantadas
Escombros5c *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Autan5c *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Alobeitor6a+ ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Sin mantenimiento6a ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Parecia tonta6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Esa bavaresa6b *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Flora6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Fauna6a+ *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Cerebro de broca6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Kira la bulti6a *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Siempre Juli6a+ LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Desplomilandia
Right Turn6a ***LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Valle de Abdalajis
Er Suzuki4c *LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Valle de Abdalajis
A pleno sol6a **LeadDash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12Valle de Abdalajis
Camino del Rey2 ***-Billy, Dash, Rich Dagnam05/Apr/12El Chorro - Lower Gorge
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