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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Giant StepsS AltLdoliver warren14/Sep/14Chair Ladder
DoorpostHS 4b ***Leadcat mckenna12/Sep/14Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a *Leadcat mckenna12/Sep/14Bosigran
K2S 4b *2ndAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Hen Cloud
Central ClimbVS 4c ***2ndAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Hen Cloud
ModernS 4a **LeadAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Hen Cloud
Bachelor's Left-handHVS 5b ***LeadAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Hen Cloud
Rainbow CrackVS 5a ***LeadAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Hen Cloud
The SlothHVS 5a ***LeadAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Roaches Upper Tier
Kelly's ShelfS 4b *2ndAlex Pickard07/Sep/14Roaches Upper Tier
Rock IdolE1 5a ***Leadcat mckenna23/Aug/14Mother Carey's Kitchen
The MeridianVS 4c *Leadcat mckenna23/Aug/14Mother Carey's Kitchen
SnozwangerE1 5b **Leadcat mckenna22/Aug/14Mowing Word
Diedre SudHS 4a ***2ndcat mckenna22/Aug/14Mowing Word
Flake-QuakeS *2ndcat mckenna22/Aug/14Saddle Head
WetstoneHS 4b *-cat mckenna22/Aug/14Saddle Head
NijinskyM *Leadcat mckenna22/Aug/14Mowing Word
The Big Fat Texan on the Corner6a *Leadcat mckenna16/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
He Seems so Sumo6a Leadcat mckenna16/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Any Old Iron6a Leadcat mckenna16/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Pale Rider6a *Leadcat mckenna16/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
White WallHS 4b Leadcat mckenna10/Aug/14Craig Caerfai
ArmoricanHVS 5a **Leadcat mckenna10/Aug/14Craig Caerfai
Cool for CatsE1 5b ***Leadcat mckenna09/Aug/14Stennis Head
ManzokuE1 5b ***Leadcat mckenna09/Aug/14Stennis Head
Stennis ElbowE2 5c *2nd 09/Aug/14Stennis Head
Highland FlingHS 4b 2ndcat mckenna09/Aug/14Stennis Head
Route 1S 4b Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Route 1.5VS 5b Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Route 2S 4a Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Route 3HVD 4a *Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Cranberry CrackVD Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
The ChantHVS 5a *Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
20 Foot CrackS 4b *Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Wednesday ClimbHVS 5b *Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Burgess ButtressM Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
The BuskerVS 4c Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Bracken CrackS 4a Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
PulcherrimeVS 4b *Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***Solo 27/Jul/14Burbage North
Pale ComplexionVS 4c *Leadcat mckenna23/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Camperdown CrawlHS 4c ***2ndcat mckenna17/Jul/14Birchen Edge
TopsailVS 4c ***Leadcat mckenna17/Jul/14Birchen Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **Leadcat mckenna17/Jul/14Birchen Edge
Emma's DilemmaS 4b **2ndcat mckenna17/Jul/14Birchen Edge
Fool's GoldE1 5c **Leadcat mckenna13/Jul/14Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeHVS 5a *Leadcat mckenna13/Jul/14Bus Stop Quarry
SeamstressVS 4c ***Leadcat mckenna13/Jul/14Serengeti
Seams the SameE1 5b ***Leadcat mckenna13/Jul/14Serengeti
Direct RouteVS 5b ***AltLdcat mckenna12/Jul/14Dinas Mot
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