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Logbook for Susan Craig

42 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Joy in the GardenLead O/S25/Oct/12The Ghost Kitchen
Absent FriendsLead rpt25/Oct/12The Ghost Kitchen
ParesLead O/S23/Oct/12Arhi
MonolithLead dnf23/Oct/12Arhi
OrioneLead rpt20/Oct/12Arhi
OptasiaLead rpt20/Oct/12Arhi
AriannaLead rpt20/Oct/12Arhi
BaldwinLead O/S20/Oct/12The Ghost Kitchen
Pic PicLead O/S19/Oct/12The Ghost Kitchen
MustassLead dnf17/Oct/12Poets
PindarosLead O/S17/Oct/12Poets
Orea DanaLead O/S17/Oct/12Summertime
Til TanitLead O/S17/Oct/12Summertime
OrioneLead rpt16/Oct/12Arhi
AriannaLead rpt16/Oct/12Arhi
CaronteLead rpt16/Oct/12Arhi
Taverna PsirriLead O/S16/Oct/12The Ghost Kitchen
Finger PiercingLead rpt14/Oct/12Afternoon
Energy 4th May 2000Lead rpt14/Oct/12Afternoon
OriganoLead rpt14/Oct/12Afternoon
L'uomo che non credevaLead dnf14/Oct/12Afternoon
BluLead rpt14/Oct/12Afternoon
Kalo TaxidiLead O/S??/Apr/12Afternoon
BluLead O/S??/Apr/12Afternoon
KalhasLead O/S??/Apr/12Iliada
L'uomo che non credevaLead dog??/Apr/12Afternoon
Absent FriendsLead O/S??/Oct/11The Ghost Kitchen
Joy in the GardenLead dnf??/Oct/11The Ghost Kitchen
Sansón y dalilaLead O/S22/Feb/11Pena Roja (Lliber)
Problema IzquierdaLead O/S21/Feb/11Pena Roja (Lliber)
Como un locoLead O/S21/Feb/11Pena Roja (Lliber)
Sansón sin pililaLead O/S21/Feb/11Pena Roja (Lliber)
El grajo del carajoLead dnf20/Feb/11L'Ocaive
No t'as verasLead O/S20/Feb/11L'Ocaive
El torronetLead dnf20/Feb/11Sella
Bolt TaxLead dnf20/Feb/11Sella
Cardo BorriqueroLead β20/Feb/11Sella
Ocaive placasLead O/S02/Jan/11L'Ocaive
Aluncina con la esquinaLead O/S02/Jan/11L'Ocaive
No m'aclaraLead O/S02/Jan/11L'Ocaive
LlibertineTR β01/Jan/11Pena Roja (Lliber)
El pasa de la dendeTR β01/Jan/11Pena Roja (Lliber)