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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
AnatomyVD Lead O/S10/May/15Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right (Blizzard Chimney)D ***Lead O/S10/May/15Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackVD ***Lead O/S10/May/15Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD ***Lead O/S10/May/15Stanage Popular
N.B. CornerM Lead O/S09/May/15Bamford Edge
Bosun's SlabM Lead O/S09/May/15Bamford Edge
CornerVD Lead07/Mar/15Altnadue Quarry
Running DownVS 2nd07/Mar/15Altnadue Quarry
Lego Man3+ **Lead25/Jan/15 The Holcombe Quarries (Cooks...
Bomb The Base4c Lead25/Jan/15 The Holcombe Quarries (Cooks...
Fracture Science6a Lead25/Jan/15 The Holcombe Quarries (Cooks...
Swinging In The Breeze4a Lead25/Jan/15 The Holcombe Quarries (Cooks...
Pam's PrideVS 4c **2nd22/Dec/14Symonds Yat
Joyce's RouteS 4a **Lead22/Dec/14Symonds Yat
RhubarbHS 4b *Lead O/S22/Dec/14Symonds Yat
PaulHS 4b 2nd22/Dec/14Symonds Yat
Rowland's Magical Mystery Tour5a **AltLd27/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
The Wasp4c *AltLd26/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Lofi4c *2nd25/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
Ana4c **Lead25/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
Jhony4a ***AltLd24/Nov/14Marin
Prats4c ***Lead24/Nov/14Marin
Espolón Limaban5a ***2nd23/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
La roja quatro3 *Lead23/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
Bernd4a *Lead23/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
Uroma3 2nd23/Nov/14Sierra de Toix
Llobet/Bertomeu5c ***AltLd22/Nov/14Mascarat
Scorpion4c *AltLd21/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Zac-e-than5a *Lead O/S20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Phantom5c *Lead O/S20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Shield3+ *Lead O/S20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Flake Drum4c Lead20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Fat Boy3 Lead20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Live Wire3 *Lead20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Pro-wire3 Lead20/Nov/14Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Parachute (2)S 4a *2nd27/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Parachute (1)HS 4b AltLd27/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Golden Fleece - Left-Hand FinishS 4a *Lead27/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Crack and SlabVD 2nd27/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieVD **AltLd rpt27/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Golden Fleece - Left-Hand FinishS 4a *Lead13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
ExchangeVS 4b *2nd13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Red Rose SpeedwayHVS 5a ***2nd13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieVD **Lead13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
A Right Carry OnHS 4b *Lead13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
WhittVS 4c ***Lead13/Sep/14Symonds Yat
Slip RoadVS 4c *2nd24/Aug/14Subluminal
BypassS 4b *Lead O/S24/Aug/14Subluminal
The Heidelberg CreatureVS 4c **2nd24/Aug/14Boulder Ruckle
Route 1.75D **Lead18/Aug/14Scout Crags