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NameStyleDate Crag name
Black wallSent O/S24/Oct/14Gairloch coast, Ross &...
Easy FaultLead O/S23/Sep/14Graymare Slabs
Amen CornerLead O/S23/Sep/14Graymare Slabs
Right PartSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
GroovySent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Easy FaceSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Tone AleSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
I Like to Move It, Move ItSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Not the Golden ChildSent O/S02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Brown FlambeSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Two Hour ShoeshineSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Alpine Ginger FroSent rpt02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Small ChangeSent O/S02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Rising DampSent O/S02/May/14Muchalls Shore
Muchall AdoSent O/S02/May/14Muchalls Shore
ScrewlessLead rpt05/Mar/14Kirrie Hill
Hill BilliesLead rpt05/Mar/14Kirrie Hill
Kirrie on RegardlessLead rpt05/Mar/14Kirrie Hill
La PlageLead rpt05/Mar/14Kirrie Hill
Fat Boy SlimsLead rpt05/Mar/14Kirrie Hill
Wee Wall Problem 11Sent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Sandys CrackSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
TimingSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
RetelusSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Keirans CrackSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Kylies CrackSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Kylies BacksideSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
ArchangelSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Cuchullin Standing StartSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
The LadderSent rpt08/Nov/13Luath's Stone Boulders
Problem 10Sent O/S06/Nov/13Arnot Boo
Problem 1Sent O/S06/Nov/13Arnot Boo
Soul BrotherSent rpt01/Nov/13Muchalls Shore
Daddy CoolSent O/S01/Nov/13Muchalls Shore
MinimantelSent O/S01/Nov/13Muchalls Shore
The Flying ProwSent rpt01/Nov/13Muchalls Shore
Slab WallTR O/S08/Oct/13North Doonies Yawn
East PillarLead β08/Oct/13North Doonies Yawn
Fall Out ChimneyLead O/S08/Oct/13North Doonies Yawn
Morning WallSent O/S04/Oct/13Torridon Celtic Jumble
Black WallSent O/S04/Oct/13Torridon Celtic Jumble
Spaceship SlabSent O/S04/Oct/13Torridon Celtic Jumble
ConundrumSent O/S04/Oct/13Torridon Celtic Jumble
St Andrew's CrackLead β10/Sep/13Souter Head
ScyllaTR O/S10/Sep/13Souter Head
CharybdisTR O/S10/Sep/13Souter Head
HydraTR O/S10/Sep/13Souter Head
Overhang CrackLead O/S10/Sep/13Souter Head
Yawn WallTR O/S04/Sep/13Deceptive Wall
StiffdiffLead β04/Sep/13Deceptive Wall