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NameStyleDate Crag name
Rhondda leader-???/2013Trehafod
Michelle Pfeiffer-???/2013Trehafod
Any Old Iron-???/2013Taffs Well West
Wreckers ball-???/2013Taffs Well West
Knackers yard-???/2013Taffs Well West
Sustainable Development-???/2013Taffs Well West
Industrial Salvage-???/2013Taffs Well West
Can The Can-???/2013Taffs Well West
Chinese Whispers-???/2013Taffs Well West
It's a Black WorldLead RP???/2013Taffs Well West
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap-???/2013Tirpentwys
Choosey Suzie-???/2013Tirpentwys
The tactless teacher-???/2013Tirpentwys
Leading Edge-???/2013Tirpentwys
Flakes and Chips-???/2013Tirpentwys
Ledge and Braces-???/2013Tirpentwys
The yolk's on you-???/2013Tirpentwys
you've had your chicks-???/2013Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seams-???/2013Tirpentwys
Affluenza-???/2013Taffs Well West
Honeybucket Supreme-???/2013Taffs Well West
Faster! Pussycat-???/2013Taffs Well West
Tinkers Dog-???/2013Taffs Well West
Full Metal Jacket-???/2013Taffs Well West
The Creaming Dream-???/2013Taffs Well West
The Boney King of Nowhere-???/2013Taffs Well West
Organised ChaosLead O/S???/2012Taffs Well Main
Hair Of The DogLead rpt???/2012Trebanog
The Road To EldoradoLead O/S24/Jul/11Dinas Rock
ShrewLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Yank my ChainLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Paw MeLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
The CragmeisterLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
RockyLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Diamond DogLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
The Chimney FinishLead O/S10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Hail MaryLead rpt10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Twisted logicLead RP10/Jul/11Tirpentwys
Mega MixLead O/S03/Jul/11Taffs Well Main
DaggersLead O/S03/Jul/11Taffs Well Main
Unnamed #12Lead RP03/Jul/11Taffs Well Main
Red SquareLead dog03/Jul/11Taffs Well Main
Beauty School DropoutLead RP29/Jun/11Trehafod
The Earl of PorthLead O/S29/Jun/11Trehafod
Left CornerLead O/S19/Jun/11Box Bay
Peaceful Easy FeelingSolo O/S19/Jun/11Box Bay
Landfill TaxLead O/S03/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Rag And BoneLead O/S03/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Bristol BeatLead RP03/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Demi MooreLead RP21/May/11Trehafod