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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Left Hand TraverseV5 **Sent x22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Backside AreteV0- Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Backside WallV0 Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Roadside P33V0- *Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Roadside P34V0- *Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Roadside P35V0 *Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Problem 39 P38 in NWB guideV3 *Sent rpt22/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Frontside TraverseV3 **Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Righthand Gully Wall TraverseV2 *Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Marsh Arete RACV3 **Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Ogwen Climbers' Club Guide P10V0- Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Ogwen Climbers' Club Guide P11V0 Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Ogwen Climbers' Club Guide P12V0- Sent rpt20/Jun/15RAC boulders
Cross FaderV5 *Sent x11/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Cromlech Roof CrackV6 6b **Sent dnf11/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
ElephantitusV6 ***Sent dnf06/Apr/15Elephantitus Cave
NWB Lefthand P5V5 *Sent x06/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Beach Boy AreteV4 **Sent x05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
CloserV3 **Sent x05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Red RumV2 *Sent O/S05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Floppys AreteV0+ **Sent O/S05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Ysgo CrackV1 ***Sent rpt05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Ugly WomenV3 **Sent x05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Popcorn PartyV6 ***Sent dnf05/Apr/15Porth Ysgo
Le Toit du Cul du Chienf7A ***Sent x25/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Scoop AreteV1 **Sent rpt14/Aug/14Wavelength Boulders
The ShelfV3 **Sent rpt14/Aug/14Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksV6 ***Sent dnf14/Aug/14Wavelength Boulders
P1V0+ *Sent O/S07/Aug/14Pont y Gromlech Slabs
P5V2 **Sent O/S07/Aug/14Pont y Gromlech Slabs
Ramp CentralV2 Sent rpt07/Aug/14Cromlech boulders
The RampV1 ***Sent rpt07/Aug/14Cromlech boulders
The ShelfV3 **Sent rpt26/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksV6 ***Sent dnf26/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
Problem 4 Pieshop BouldersV2 Sent O/S22/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
Ham ThwackV2 *Sent x22/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
Problem 6 Pieshop BouldersV0 Sent O/S22/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
Problem 9 Pieshop BouldersV2 *Sent O/S22/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksV6 ***Sent dnf22/Jul/14Wavelength Boulders
P1V0 *Sent rpt17/Jul/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
P2V1 *Sent rpt17/Jul/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
P4V3 *Sent rpt17/Jul/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
Ogwen JazzV4 *Sent x17/Jul/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
Toe Dragon (Main Block P2)V5 **Sent x10/Jul/14The Sheep Pen
Toe Dragon into Dog ShooterV7 **Sent dnf10/Jul/14The Sheep Pen
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3)V4 ***Sent rpt10/Jul/14The Sheep Pen
El Orgasmof7A+ Sent dnf28/Jun/14Albarracin
ENA-B11-L3f7A Sent x27/Jun/14Albarracin
ENA-B5-L3f4 Sent O/S26/Jun/14Albarracin
ENA-B5-L4f4+ Sent O/S26/Jun/14Albarracin