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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Calvaire One5c **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...28/May/13Orpierre
Babouin Land5c **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...28/May/13Orpierre
Eclectik Electrik6a *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...28/May/13Orpierre
Chutes de Pierres5c *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...28/May/13Orpierre
La Plage3+ *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...28/May/13Orpierre
L'Éloge de la Fruit4c *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Paris-Texas4a *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Le Serpent d'Étoile4c *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Ini..4a *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Tiation4c *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Canardo5a **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Palmer5a *LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...27/May/13Orpierre
Véga4c **-Emma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...26/May/13Sisteron
Merlin l'Enchanteur5a **-Emma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...26/May/13Sisteron
Les Mesons5a **-Emma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...26/May/13Sisteron
Le Foc et L'Enfant5c **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...???/2013Orpierre
Les Bijoux de Spaggiari5c **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...???/2013Orpierre
Rogntudju6b **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...???/2013Orpierre
Rinocéphale6b+ ***LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...???/2013Orpierre
Greenpeace5a **LeadEmma Rowe, Jo Wimalasena,...???/2013Orpierre
Happy Girlfriend5c LeadJo Wimalasena26/Oct/12Grande Grotta
Roussos5c **LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Flipper5c *LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Siga Siga6a **LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Trokrakhan6a **LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Kiss My Axe6a *LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Festival 095c *LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Irene5c *LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Agelos5a **LeadJo Wimalasena25/Oct/12Dolphin Bay
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Yeraki5c *LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Til Tanit5c *LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Sophia5a LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Dorian5a **LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
July4a *LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Anna4a *LeadJo Wimalasena23/Oct/12Summertime
Heike6a LeadJo Wimalasena22/Oct/12North Cape
Rewithia5b LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Geckos Home5c LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Psomi ke elies4c *LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Sisyphus5a **LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Capt Adonis5a **LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Kokkinidis4c **LeadJo Wimalasena??/Oct/12Kastelli
Voie Caline3+ *-Edwin Mitchell12/Jul/12Les Mottets
Voie NormaleD -Edwin Mitchell10/Jul/12Aiguille de la Republique
PandoraHS 4b -Jo Wimalasena, Edwin Mitchell08/Jun/12Vicarage Cliff
TombstoneHS 4b -Jo Wimalasena, Edwin Mitchell08/Jun/12Vicarage Cliff
Vicarage TowerVD -Jo Wimalasena, Edwin Mitchell08/Jun/12Vicarage Cliff
South RidgePD **- 25/May/12Lobuje Far East
Island PeakPD - 22/May/12Island Peak
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