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NameStyleDate Crag name
Crescent AreteSent O/S10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Lone SlabSent O/S10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Goliath's Groove2nd O/S10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Left Unconquerable2nd O/S10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Right Unconquerable2nd O/S10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
HovisTR O/S09/Jul/14Hang Hill Quarry
Nu Breed - Sit StartSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Nu Breed - Standing StartSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Rain DodgingSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
A Bracing DampnessSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Petty Thief - Lip StartSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Split Lip - Lip StartSent x15/Apr/14The Cuttings
The FlakesSent O/S10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Darkside TraverseSent O/S10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
The EdgesSent O/S10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Under Stars is BestSent x10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Left ArÍte (Darkside Boulder)Sent x10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
The ScoopSent x10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
RocketSent x10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (standing start)Sent O/S10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (sit start)Sent O/S10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
White HandsSent x30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
White Hands EliminateSent x30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
MorseSent x30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
Snakes And Ladders (and Tunnels)Solo O/S21/Jul/13California
Australia RoofSent x16/Jul/13Earl Crag
VisionhurryLead O/S15/Jul/13Stoney Bank
Optical IllusionLead O/S15/Jul/13Stoney Bank
Still Raining, Still DreamingSent x25/Jun/13Craig y Longridge
Hidden OverheadsSolo O/S24/Jun/13Buckhaw Brow Buttress
X-Ray SpecsSolo O/S20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
CreatureLead O/S20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
Joint EffortLead O/S20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
The Ace of SpadesLead O/S20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
The NorberianLead O/S06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
The Big PictureLead O/S06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Wheels On FireLead O/S06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Fone Booth ConnectionLead O/S06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Inertia Syndrome RevisitedLead O/S06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
High AdventureLead O/S04/Jun/13Giggleswick South
AvalonLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Far From the Malham CrowdsLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
MerlinLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
ExcaliburLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Foxes WallLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Knights of OldLead O/S03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
The Maypole InnLead RP21/May/13Castleberg Crag
The Talbot ArmsLead O/S21/May/13Castleberg Crag
Scary MaryLead O/S16/May/13Castleberg Crag
Paul Taylor's Climb for Life2nd O/S16/May/13Castleberg Crag