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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Crescent Aretef5+ ***Sent O/SPeter Keron10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Lone SlabV2 6a ***Sent O/SPeter Keron10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
Goliath's GrooveHVS 5a ***2nd O/SPeter Keron10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Left UnconquerableE1 5b ***2nd O/SPeter Keron10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
The Right UnconquerableHVS 5a ***2nd O/SPeter Keron10/Aug/14Stanage Plantation
HovisE5 5c TR O/SArthur Morris09/Jul/14Hang Hill Quarry
Nu Breed - Sit StartV4 ***Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Nu Breed - Standing StartV1 *Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Rain DodgingV3 *Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
A Bracing DampnessV4 *Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Petty Thief - Lip StartV2 **Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
Split Lip - Lip StartV4 Sent x 15/Apr/14The Cuttings
The FlakesE1 5c Sent O/SArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Darkside Traversef6B+ ***Sent O/SArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
The Edgesf6A Sent O/SArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Under Stars is Bestf6B+ 6a Sent xArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Left ArÍte (Darkside Boulder)f6A+ Sent xArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
The Scoopf6A **Sent xArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Rocketf6C **Sent xArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (standing start)f6B+ Sent O/SArthur Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
Golden Bicep (sit start)f6C+ **Sent O/SArth Morris10/Apr/14Huntsham Crags
White Handsf6C Sent x 30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
White Hands Eliminatef6C+ *Sent x 30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
Morsef6B+ *Sent x 30/Mar/14Hang Hill Quarry
Snakes And Ladders (and Tunnels)HVS Solo O/SOwen Morris, Peter Keron21/Jul/13California
Australia RoofV4 **Sent xPeter Keron16/Jul/13Earl Crag
Visionhurry6c ***Lead O/SPeter Keron15/Jul/13Low Stoney Bank
Optical Illusion6b+ Lead O/SPeter Keron15/Jul/13Low Stoney Bank
Still Raining, Still DreamingV5 6b Sent xPeter Keron25/Jun/13Craig y Longridge
Hidden OverheadsE3 6a *Solo O/S 24/Jun/13Buckhaw Brow Buttress
X-Ray Specs6b *Solo O/SPeter Keron20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
Creature6c **Lead O/SPeter Keron20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
Joint Effort6c **Lead O/SPeter Keron20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
The Ace of Spades6a+ **Lead O/SPeter Keron20/Jun/13Foredale Quarry
The Norberian6c+ *Lead O/SPeter Keron06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
The Big Picture6c *Lead O/SPeter Keron06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Wheels On Fire6a+ **Lead O/SPeter Keron06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Fone Booth Connection6b+ *Lead O/SPeter Keron06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
Inertia Syndrome Revisited6a+ **Lead O/SPeter Keron06/Jun/13Robin Proctor's Scar
High Adventure6a **Lead O/SPeter Keron04/Jun/13Giggleswick South
Avalon6c *Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Far From the Malham Crowds6c+ **Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Merlin5c Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Excalibur6a *Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Foxes Wall6b+ *Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
Knights of Old6b *Lead O/SPeter Keron03/Jun/13Moughton Nab
The Maypole Inn6c+ **Lead RPPeter Keron21/May/13Castlebergh Crag
The Talbot Arms6c+ ***Lead O/SPeter Keron21/May/13Castlebergh Crag
Scary Mary7a+ **Lead O/SPeter Keron16/May/13Castlebergh Crag
Paul Taylor's Climb for Life6c 2nd O/SPeter Keron16/May/13Castlebergh Crag
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