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Logbook for mdwilson

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Falstaff's ChimneyLead O/S22/Apr/11Burbage North
Falstaff's InnominateLead O/S22/Apr/11Burbage North
Falstaff's CrackLead O/S22/Apr/11Burbage North
Pale FaceLead O/S22/Apr/11Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackLead O/S20/Apr/11Burbage North
Fag EndLead O/S11/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Cubic CornerLead O/S11/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Heather WallLead O/S11/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Old CornerLead O/S11/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Shorty's DilemmaLead O/S11/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Bilberry CakeLead RP02/Apr/11Burbage North
Left Twin CrackLead O/S02/Apr/11Burbage North
Right Twin CrackLead O/S02/Apr/11Burbage North
Farcical AreteLead O/S02/Apr/11Burbage North
First CrackLead O/S02/Apr/11Burbage North
TombstoneSent x07/Mar/11Caley Crags
The TombstoneSent O/S07/Mar/11Caley Crags
Morris MinorSolo RP07/Mar/11Caley Crags
Cleo's EdgeSent x01/Mar/11Burbage North
20 Foot CrackLead O/S12/Feb/11Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectLead O/S12/Feb/11Burbage North
Overhang Buttress VariationSolo O/S12/Feb/11Burbage North
Burgess St.Lead O/S12/Feb/11Burbage North
Burgess FaceLead O/S12/Feb/11Burbage North
Wall CornerLead O/S30/Jan/11Burbage North
Two Pocket SitterSent O/S30/Jan/11Burbage North
End SlabSent O/S30/Jan/11Burbage North
End Slab RampLead O/S30/Jan/11Burbage North
I can speak English but I won'tSent O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook
DerriereSent x23/Jan/11Captain Cook
MerdSent x23/Jan/11Captain Cook
NonchalantSent O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook
Le Jardinier (Standing Start)Sent O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook
A certain je ne sais quoiSent O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook
Don't talk coq au vinSent O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook
ZigzagLead O/S23/Jan/11Captain Cook