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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Too Hard For Mark Leach Footless f7A - 24/May Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Late Junction V8 ** Sent 15/Mar Curbar Edge
Old King Cascade f7B+ ** Sent 10/Feb Froggatt Edge
The Cave Problem V6 ** - ?? Robin Hood's Stride
Help the Young f7A+ *** Sent 25/Nov/15 Stanage Plantation
Mermaid f7A Sent 22/Oct/15 Burbage Bridge
Breakfast f7A *** Sent 22/Oct/15 Burbage West
Zippy's Traverse f7B ** Sent 20/Oct/15 Stanage Plantation
Dick Williams f7B+ *** Sent x 19/Oct/15 Secret Garden
Beach Ball f7A *** Sent rpt 19/Oct/15 Secret Garden
Free Range Abattoir f7A+ - 20/Aug/15 Blackwell Dale
Blind Bat f7A+ Sent 04/Aug/15 Anston Stones Wood
Blue Circles f7A Sent 04/Aug/15 Anston Stones Wood
Block 3: N.n f7A+ * Sent 10/Jun/15 Sundergrund
Sunstorm f5+ Sent 10/Jun/15 Sundergrund
Panzerknacker f7A Sent 01/Jun/15 Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Intermezzo f7C Sent x 31/May/15 Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Enterprise f7A *** Sent 29/May/15 Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Grit De luxe f7B ** Sent 27/May/15 Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Graviton f7A * Sent 06/May/15 La Roche aux Sabots
Dancing Fish Standing f7B *** Sent x 23/Mar/15 Water-cum-Jolly
A Bigger Tail f7A * Sent x 09/Mar/15 Water-cum-Jolly
Early Doors V7 *** Sent x 03/Mar/15 Curbar Edge
A Bigger Prize f7A Sent O/S ?/Mar/15 Water-cum-Jolly
The Nostril f7A+ * Sent 09/Feb/15 Burbage West