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Logbook for Sandy Moore

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Entrebaillementf6A Sent 30/Sep/14Bowden Doors
Playtimef6A Sent 30/Sep/14Bowden Doors
Childs Playf6B **Sent 30/Sep/14Bowden Doors
Impropa Operaf7C ***Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
Ears of Perceptionf7B **Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
Coming up for Airf7A+ *Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
Bowderiserf7A Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
Picnic Sarcasticf7A+ **Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
Slapstickf7C *Sent 01/Sep/14The Bowderstone
The Crack Directf6C+ **Sent 25/Aug/14The Bowderstone
The Crackf6C ***Sent 25/Aug/14The Bowderstone
Picnic Sarcastic - Direct Finishf7B+ **Sent 25/Aug/14The Bowderstone
Inaudible Vaudevillef7B+ *Sent 07/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Power Pinchf7A+ **Sent 07/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Statstickf7A *Sent 07/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Move Manf7A+ *Sent 07/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Temptationf7B+ **Sent 19/May/14Bowden Doors
P5V3 **Sent 15/May/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
Caseg Fraith AreteV3 ***Sent 15/May/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
Oh YeahV5 **Sent 15/May/14Caseg Fraith Boulder
The ShelfV3 **Sent 14/May/14Wavelength Boulders
Boysen's GroveV4 ***Sent 14/May/14Grooves Boulder
Groove RighthandV4 **Sent 14/May/14Grooves Boulder
Clever BeaverV7 *Sent 13/May/14Parisella's Cave
Pill Box OriginalV6 **Sent 13/May/14Pill Box Wall
Centrall wallV5 ***Sent 12/May/14Braichmelyn Boulder
The RampV2 ***Sent 12/May/14Braichmelyn Boulder
Suprising Solutionf7A Sent 10/Sep/13Shaftoe Crags
The Bossf7B **Sent 10/Sep/13Shaftoe Crags
Broken Hearts Are For Assholesf7A+ Sent 10/Sep/13Shaftoe Crags
The Neb Rooff6C Sent 10/Sep/13Shaftoe Crags
Malkyf7B+ *Sent 03/Sep/13Dumbarton Rock
From the Earth's Cauldronf6C ***Sent 26/Aug/13Coniston Bouldering
Hades Lairf7A **Sent 26/Aug/13Coniston Bouldering
Hades Lowf7A+ Sent 26/Aug/13Coniston Bouldering
World Linef7B ***Sent 16/Aug/13Queens Crag
The Magician's Nephewf6B+ **Sent 16/Aug/13Queens Crag
Myxamatosisf7A Sent 16/Aug/13Queens Crag
Humpty Dumptyf6C+ Sent 16/Aug/13Queens Crag
Gorillaf6B ***Sent 13/Aug/13Dumbarton Rock
Toto SSf7A Sent 13/Aug/13Dumbarton Rock
Aretef6A Sent 09/Aug/13Hepburn
A Northern Soulf7A+ ***Sent 09/Aug/13Hepburn
Titanic Aretef7A ***Sent 09/Aug/13Hepburn
South Wallf6A+ Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
Low and Hardf7B *Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
Thundering Apoplexyf7B **Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
Under the Spellf7A **Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
Darthf6C Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
Morgan (start only)f6B *Sent 06/Aug/13Back Bowden Doors
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