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NameStyleDate Crag name
Christmas CurryLead β29/Jul/12Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Moss SlabsLead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Zig ZagLead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Right EdgeLead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Worm Hole (The North WallLead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Klingon (The North Wall)Lead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Nerd Corner (The North Wall)Lead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Space Time Continuum (The North Wall)Lead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Left EdgeLead08/May/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Chimney CrackLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Left hand Slab RouteLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Central Slab RouteLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Right RibLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Left Edge RouteLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Stepped CrackLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Mossy SlabLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Overlap SlabLead20/Mar/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Little Tryfan AreteLead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 1Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 2Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 3Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Slab 1Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Slab 2Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Crack 4Lead β12/Feb/12Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
End FlakeLead02/Feb/12Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Coltsfoot CrackLead02/Feb/12Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Rich's RobberyLead02/Feb/12Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Christmas Curry / Micah EliminateAltLd???/2012Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
One Step in the CloudsAltLd???/2012Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
MogadishuLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
More than thisLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
FinaleLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Route 2Lead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Route 1Lead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
October PremiereLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Cariad - ZimbaLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
NainLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
FfrindLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
TaidLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Hidden GemLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Wilderness WallLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Butterfly BlueLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Birthday BoyLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
InspirationLead β???/2012Castle Inn Quarry
Feathered FriendsLead20/Nov/11Stanage End
Kelly's CrackLead20/Nov/11Stanage End
October SlabLead20/Nov/11Stanage End
Bent CrackLead20/Nov/11Stanage End
Kelly's EliminateLead20/Nov/11Stanage End
Twisting CornerLead21/Oct/11Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
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