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Logbook for MReilly86

49 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Friar's Mantlef4+ ***Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Warmup Wall Low Traversef5 Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Snooker Shelff4 Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Hard Cheddarf5+ ***Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
White Streakf6B **Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Steptoef3+ *Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Red Streakf6A Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Chowbokf3+ **Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Erewhonf4+ Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Silver's Routef3+ *Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Gardner's Girdlef4 ***Sent 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Railingf6B+ **Sent dnf 12/May/12Dumbarton Rock
Blockland Traversef5 **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Slabby Aretef4 Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Right Slabf4+ Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Funky Munkyf6B+ Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Sloping Traversef5+ *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Sloping Traverse SSf6A+ **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Block Traversef5+ *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Classic Dynof5 **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Classic Dyno (two handed)f5+ Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Jammed Blockf6B *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Outsider Crackf3 Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Break Traversef6A **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Sidepullf6C+ *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Hard Dyno/Wolfief6B+ **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Left Diagonal/Pockets 1f6A *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Diagonalf6B *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Pockets 2f5 *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
The Podf6B+ *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
The Pod (Right Pocket)f6C+ Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Pod Dynof6B **Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Pod Centralf5+ Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Experiments in Incest/Chimp Headf6B ***Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Oval Pocketf6C *Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Left Wallf6B ***Sent 07/May/12Wolfcrag Quarry
Alouette Arete6a Lead O/S 14/Apr/12Blantyre Towers
Alouette Eliminate6b Lead β 14/Apr/12Blantyre Towers
Tomb Raidersf5 - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Out of the Tombf4+ - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Feathering the Penthousef6A+ **- ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Eiffel Aretef5 - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Eiffel Slabf3 - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
The Bouldragf3 - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Bonds Gatef6A *- ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Bottled Dogf4+ - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Muir's Songf4+ - ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
No Hiding Place SSf6A **- ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders
Billy No Clanf6A *- ???/2012Glen Lednock Boulders