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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Fast Food Christians5.10a *Lead??/Apr/14Left Flank (RRG)
Face Up to That Crack5.8 **Lead??/Apr/14Left Flank (RRG)
Mr. Bungle5.8 **Lead??/Apr/14Left Flank (RRG)
Brother Stair5.9 Lead??/Apr/14Left Flank (RRG)
Crescent Moon5.10a Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Crescendo5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
The Handout5.12a Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Slabalito5.7 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Shawty5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Low Exposure5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Short and Sweet5.7 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Beta Spewer5.10b **Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
BDSM5.10b Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni5.7 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Sweet and Sour5.5 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Low Exposure5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Practice Wall (RRG->MV)
Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky5.10b ***Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Plate Tectonics5.10a ***Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Tall Cool One5.9 Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
59" DrillBitch5.10a ***Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Bethel5.10a **Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Spinner5.10a Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Mancala5.10a **Lead??/Apr/14Tectonic and Johnny's Wall...
Redriveroutdoors.com5.10a *Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Redeye Brew5.8 *Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Flutterby Blue5.9 Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Tomthievery5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Sweet Jane5.8 Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Hey there Mr. Fancy Pants5.10c **Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Jungle Trundler5.11a **Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Little Viper5.10b Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
CH45.7 Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
A-Beano5.7 *Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Immodium AD5.7 *Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Don't Take Yer Guns to Town5.10c *Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Rat Stew5.10a ***Lead??/Apr/14Bruise Brothers Wall
Sunshine5.9 Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Moonbeam5.9 Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Stay Left5.10a Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Mercy Miss Percy5.9 Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Slabalito5.7 Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Boltergeist5.10b ***Lead??/Apr/13Red River Gorge
Sea Gypsy5.9 ***2nd O/S06/Nov/11Precipice
Killer Arete6b+ ***Lead dnf13/Jul/11Glynfach
Fach Roo6a+ Lead O/S13/Jul/11Glynfach
Stamp Out Philatelists6a+ Lead29/Jun/11Crymlyn Quarries
Khazad-dm6a+ *Lead29/Jun/11Crymlyn Quarries
Diamond Dog6b *TR O/S22/Jun/11Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles6a *Lead O/S22/Jun/11Tirpentwys
Mucky Ducky6a+ Lead O/S22/Jun/11Tirpentwys