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Logbook for Teemo

50 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Left Way4c *Lead ??/Feb/13Escalera Arabe
The Middle Way4c *Lead ??/Feb/13Escalera Arabe
La raya a la izquierda4a *Lead ??/Feb/13Escalera Arabe
Lefty5c *Lead ??/Feb/13Valle de Abdalajis
Oso yogui5a *Lead 10/Nov/12Valle de Abdalajis
Bano de tierra5a *Lead 10/Nov/12Valle de Abdalajis
A pleno sol6a **2nd 10/Nov/12Valle de Abdalajis
Los timbales4a ***Lead 11/Feb/12Escalera Arabe
King Line3 *Lead 11/Feb/12Escalera Arabe
Flan de caramelo5a *Lead 11/Feb/12Escalera Arabe
Sumsi4a *Lead 10/Feb/12Frontales Medias
Mugl5c *Lead 10/Feb/12Frontales Medias
Finkastinker4a *Lead 10/Feb/12Frontales Medias
Nitti5c ***Lead 10/Feb/12Frontales Medias
Amptrax / Proyecto Amptrax (Sector Amptrax)5c **2nd β ??/Feb/12Frontalas Bajas
Stupid Effortnone 5b *TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Archer's Wallnone 5c *TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Sashcord Cracknone 4a *TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Finger Stainnone 5c *TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Spout Crossingnone 5b *TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Spout Buttressnone 5c TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Slim Finger Cracknone 5c ***TR 30/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Set Square Aretenone 5b *TR 15/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Wallnone 5b ***TR 15/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Crowborough Cornernone 5c **TR 15/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
The Manknone 6a *TR dnf 15/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Wailing Wallnone 5c **TR dnf 15/Aug/09Harrisons Rocks
Stupid Effortnone 5b *TR 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Piecemeal Wallnone 5c **TR 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***TR 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Bulging Wall/Zig Nosenone 5c *TR 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***TR 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Slim Finger Cracknone 5c ***TR dnf 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Elementarynone 5c **TR dnf 18/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Greasy Cracknone 4a TR 09/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***TR 09/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***TR 09/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Elementarynone 5c **TR 09/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Birch Tree Cracknone 4a *TR 09/Jul/09Harrisons Rocks
Two-Toed Slothnone 5a *TR ??/Jun/09Harrisons Rocks
Deadwood Cracknone 4c *TR ??/Jun/09Harrisons Rocks
Piecemeal Wallnone 5c **TR dnf ??/Jun/09Harrisons Rocks
North-West Cornernone 5c **TR dnf ??/Jun/09Harrisons Rocks
Pig's Nosenone 5a ***TR 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Devaluationnone 5b **TR 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Pull Throughnone 5b *TR 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Sing Singnone 3a TR 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Drosophilanone 5b **TR 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Banananone 6a **TR dnf 23/May/09Bowles Rocks
Pig's Earnone 5c ***TR dnf 23/May/09Bowles Rocks