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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Sorcerer's Slabf3 Sent 29/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Magic Wandf3+ Sent 29/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
The Groovef4+ Sent 29/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
This Place is Shitf6A Sent 29/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Appliance of Violence7b+ **TR dogStevie30/Aug/14Dumbarton Rock
Appliance of Violence7b+ **TR dogStewart Cable23/Aug/14Dumbarton Rock
Persistence of Vision7a+ ***TR dogStevie17/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Abracadabraf7A ***Sent dnfStevie, Iain03/Jul/14Craigmaddie
First Movement6b+ **Lead dogStevie02/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Abstract Art6c **LeadStevie02/Jul/14Dumbarton Rock
Railingf6B+ **SentStevie26/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Snooker Shelff4 SentStevie26/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Skint Knucklesf4 *SentStevie26/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The NicheV1 5c **SentStevie, Kaeryn23/Jun/14Thirlstane
The Red Roof (right Variation)f6B **SentStevie, Kaeryn23/Jun/14Thirlstane
Grade Obsessedf7A **SentStevie, Kaeryn23/Jun/14Thirlstane
Left AreteVD ***Solo O/SStevie, Kaeryn23/Jun/14Thirlstane
Edgesf6C+ *SentStevie19/Jun/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Funky Munkyf6B+ SentStevie19/Jun/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Funky Munky (with feet)f6A *SentStevie19/Jun/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Low Traversef7A **SentStevie19/Jun/14Wolfcrag Quarry
Toto Right Handf6C **Sent 14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
Volponef3 *Sent O/S 14/Jun/14Dumbarton Rock
The cornerf4 Sent O/SStewart Cable03/May/14Thirlstane
Route 1V1 5c **Sent O/SStewart Cable03/May/14Thirlstane
The Red Roof (left Variation)f6C *Sent xStewart Cable03/May/14Thirlstane
Grade Obsessedf7A **Sent dnf 03/May/14Thirlstane
Autumn Aretef7A ***Sent 19/Apr/14Achray Blocs
Necker Cubef6A *Sent 19/Apr/14Achray Blocs
Autumn Watchf6C+ Sent 19/Apr/14Achray Blocs
Quartier Latinf7A **SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Bouddha assisf6B SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
La Raie des Fessesf6C SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Wobblyitis Assisf6A **SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Tienne (Orange 6)f3+ SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Orange 1f3 SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Orange 2f4 SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Orange 3f3 SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Bouche-Trou (Red 57)f5 SentTeam Font '1411/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
L'Obliquef7A **Sent dnfTeam Font '1410/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Dévertissemen (Blue 5)f4 SentTeam Font '1410/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Coup du Point (Blue 7)f4 SentTeam Font '1410/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Bon Pied, Bon Œil (Blue 8)f3+ SentTeam Font '1410/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
Fausse Rougef5 SentTeam Font '1410/Apr/14La Roche aux Sabots
L'Entre Toitf6B+ ***SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Orange 12f3 SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Orange 13f3+ SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Blue 1f3 SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Blue 2f3+ SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
Blue 3f3+ SentTeam Font '1409/Apr/14Franchard Isatis
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