300 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Red Crane Wall6a Solo O/S22/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Relativity6a+ Solo O/S22/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
All Things Being Relative6a+ Solo O/S22/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
The Red Crane Traverse5a **Solo O/S22/Aug/15Lighthouse Area
Crab Party6c ***Solo O/S22/Aug/15Cave Hole
Two Fingers6a *Lead O/S03/Aug/15The Cuttings
Nonnie and the Pulp Fiction Tantrum4c Lead O/S03/Aug/15Cheyne Wears Area
Conie Pepperonif6B *Sent16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Conie Headf6A *Sent β16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Conie Lamichef7A **Sent x16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Conie Lamprechtf7A **Sent x16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Conie Touttsf7A *Sent β16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Conie Montanaf6C *Sent β16/Jun/15Conies Dale
Little big pocketf6B Sent x07/Jun/15Anston Stones Wood
The Tufaf6B+ Sent07/Jun/15Anston Stones Wood
Wave Wall Cornerf5 Sent β07/Jun/15Anston Stones Wood
Sarumanf7A Sent x07/Jun/15Anston Stones Wood
Beta Blockerf7A *Sent x07/Jun/15Anston Stones Wood
Speckled Egg Indirectf7A Sent x26/May/15Crag X
A Miller's Tale Startf6B+ *Sent β27/Apr/15Water-cum-Jolly
High Traversef5+ Sent β27/Apr/15Water-cum-Jolly
Middle Traversef6A+ *Sent β27/Apr/15Water-cum-Jolly
A Bigger Prizef7A Sent x27/Apr/15Water-cum-Jolly
Un monton de chatarra6a **Lead O/S28/Mar/15Frontalas Bajas
Nombre Propio6a Lead O/S28/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Newie6b+ *Lead O/S27/Mar/15Frontales Medias
Eye of the Storm7c ***Lead RP27/Mar/15Frontales Medias
Putiferio5c ***Lead26/Mar/15Frontalas Bajas
Redders7a **Lead β25/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Pecho lata7a **Lead β24/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
Bladerunner6a *Lead β24/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
Diedre torpedol6c ***Lead β24/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
Arabesque7a ***Lead O/S24/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
Bohem Destrell6a+ Lead β23/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Poum Poum Ram Ram6a *Lead O/S23/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Liron Careto Pitch 17a Lead β21/Mar/15Desplomilandia
Los Zauden (to first lower off)7a **Lead β21/Mar/15Desplomilandia
Fran sin natra7b **Lead RP21/Mar/15Desplomilandia
Autan5c *Lead β21/Mar/15Desplomilandia
Escombros5c *Lead β21/Mar/15Desplomilandia
Steady Away6b+ **Lead O/S19/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
Los genelos Right7a **Lead O/S19/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
La sonrisa vertical6c ***Lead O/S19/Mar/15Escalera Arabe
The Splits7a+ *Lead O/S19/Mar/15Frontales Medias
La villa strangiato7b+ **Lead β18/Mar/15Frontales Medias
García aguas6b **Lead β18/Mar/15Frontales Medias
Bueno, bonito y barato6c+ **Lead O/S17/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Last Minute (Kom Ombo)7a **Lead O/S17/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Para Que Disfrute La Canalla6b **Lead β16/Mar/15Las Encantadas
Crisis De Identidad6a+ Lead β16/Mar/15Las Encantadas