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Logbook for Dave Musgrove

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Pornogeros6b **Lead O/SAlan Firth15/Oct/14Gerakios
Cuni Lingugus6b+ ***Lead O/SAlan Firth15/Oct/14Gerakios
1995 Extension6c ***Lead O/SAlan Firth15/Oct/14Gerakios
Aphrodite6c+ **LeadGil Peel14/Oct/14Eros
3 Ilots6c Lead O/SGil Peel14/Oct/14Eros
Eva6b+ Lead O/SLarry Parkes14/Oct/14Eros
The Fight of a Woman6a+ Lead O/SLarry Parkes14/Oct/14Eros
Rockcleaner5a **Lead O/SLarry Parkes13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Rock Creeper6c+ ***Lead RPLarry Parkes13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Voutimata6c+ ***Lead O/SLarry Parkes13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Tyche6a+ ***Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Gil Peel12/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Pame Roger Extension6c LeadDave Platt12/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Y a de la Pomme6a+ Lead O/SDave Platt, Alan Firth12/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Y a A utre C hose Roger6c Lead βDave Platt, Alan Firth12/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Crystal Line5c ***Lead O/SPete Kelly, Dave Platt11/Oct/14Gerakios
Teteonne Pas6b **Lead O/SBob Larkin, Dave Campbell11/Oct/14Gerakios
Tomboy6b+ ***Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Gil Peel10/Oct/14The Beach
Levante6b **Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Gil Peel10/Oct/14The Beach
Where are my bolts?6b+ **Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Gil Peel10/Oct/14The Beach
Ciuccia Bau6b **Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Chris Swindells10/Oct/14The Beach
One Year6c+ **Lead RPLarry Parkes10/Oct/14The Beach
Bronchitos6a Lead O/SLarry Parkes, Gil Peel10/Oct/14The Beach
The Siege of Thermopylae6c+ ***Lead rptC.D.09/Oct/14The Spartan Walls
Probleme Mineur6b ***Lead rptC.D.09/Oct/14The Spartan Walls
Kurva7a ***LeadC.D.09/Oct/14The Spartan Walls
Silver Bells6b **Lead βGil Peel07/Oct/14E.T.
3 Stripes5c ***Solo 06/Oct/14Spartacus
Le Retour du Stratege6a+ Lead O/SGil Peel05/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Prophet Andreas7a ***Lead O/SGil Peel05/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Bojour Vieillesse6b+ **Lead O/SGil Peel05/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
The Lords6a+ **Lead O/SGil Peel05/Oct/14Prophitis Andreas
Fingerpull6a+ ***Lead O/SGil Peel04/Oct/14Palionissos Bay
676b+ ***Lead O/SGil Peel04/Oct/14Palionissos Bay
Baden Mit Und Ohne7a ***Lead RPGil Peel04/Oct/14Palionissos Bay
Charopalev6b **Lead O/SGil Peel03/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Charopalev Extension6c ***Lead O/SGil Peel03/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Best Connections6a+ ***Lead O/SGil Peel03/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Best Connections Extension6c ***Lead O/SGil Peel03/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Ginette5c ***Lead O/SBob Larkin02/Oct/14Gerakios
Chirippi5c **Lead O/SBob Larkin02/Oct/14Gerakios
Prosciutto & Champagne6a **Lead O/SBob Larkin02/Oct/14Gerakios
Cumulo sinus6b **Lead O/SLarry Parkes02/Oct/14Gerakios
Decline and Fall6b Lead rptAlan Firth26/Sep/14Robin Proctor's Scar
The Norberian6c+ *Lead RPAlan Firth26/Sep/14Robin Proctor's Scar
The Flying Horseman6a+ Lead rptAlan Firth26/Sep/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Drillers In The Mist6b *Lead rptAlan Firth26/Sep/14Robin Proctor's Scar
Touched By The Hand of Plod7a **Lead RPNigel Baker23/Sep/14Langcliffe Quarry
Bayleafs BeginningsE2 5b **Lead rptSpuzz21/Sep/14Langcliffe Quarry
Sky Speed6a+ *Lead βSpuzz21/Sep/14Langcliffe Quarry
Diagonal Sport6b ***Lead rptSpuzz16/Sep/14Langcliffe Quarry
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