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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Pitf3 Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
The Pendulumf4 Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 2V0 4c Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 3V0 4b Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 5V0+ 5a Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 10V1 5b Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 11V0- 4c Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 12V0 5a Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 13V1 5b *Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 14V0- 4c Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 17VD Solo25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 18S 4a Solo25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Problem 20V0 4c Sent25/Aug/15Beamsley Beacon
Fat Aretef4+ *Sent rpt13/Aug/15White Crag
Warm-up Wallf3+ Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
The Voight-Kampf Machinef5+ *Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Crack 1f3 *Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Crack and Wallf5 *Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Warm-up Traversef4+ Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Slot and Wallf5 Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Sunset Wallf4 **Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Rampf4 Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Easy Wallf4 *Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Tree Crack 2f4+ Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Pre Warm-Upf3 Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Standing Plantf4+ *Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Super Slotf4 Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Tree Wallf4+ Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Tree Flakef4 Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
Bonsaif4+ Sent13/Aug/15White Crag
BuffaloHVS 5a **Lead O/S12/Aug/15Shelf Benches
Candle in the WindHVS 5b 2nd12/Aug/15Shelf Benches
FelixE1 5b *Lead β12/Aug/15Shelf Benches
Shire CrackHS 4b 2nd12/Aug/15Shelf Benches
Pump Friction - cop out!VS 5a Solo O/S11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Spreading the JamVS 4c Solo O/S11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Coppering UpS 4b Solo O/S11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Lay-AwayMVS 4b *Solo rpt11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Slim Buttress Sitterf4+ Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
No Pocket Wallf4 Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Two Pocket Ribf5 Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Lone Prow Wallf5+ Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Lone Prowf5 *Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Lone Prow Rightf5+ Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Care in the Communityf5+ Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
O.A.P.'s Day Outf5 *Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Does Matron Know You're Out?f5+ *Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Mungaf4 Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Blunt Aretef4+ *Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat
Wall of Pocketsf5 Sent11/Aug/15Lord's Seat