37 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Laughing Crack2nd O/S10/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Diedre2nd O/S09/Aug/12Squamish Chief
Squatter's Rights2nd O/S07/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Mosquito2nd O/S07/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Funarama2nd O/S07/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Bilbo Baggins2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Burgers and Fries2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Dusty Eyes2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Wisecrack2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Catch Me Quicker2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Move It On Over2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
High Boltage Line2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
Gollum2nd O/S06/Aug/12Little Smoke Bluffs
StairwayTR05/Aug/12Murrin Park
monk puzzle2nd O/S15/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental Misfits2nd O/S15/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Morbid MogulLead O/S15/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Concave WallLead O/S15/Jun/12Denham Quarry
Le BokLead O/S08/Jun/12Dave
La Joss-LandLead O/S08/Jun/12Dave
Les AutrichiensLead O/S08/Jun/12Dave
Le Cheval RougeLead O/S08/Jun/12Dave
Giant's CrawlLead O/S05/Apr/12Dow Crag
Avalanche Route2nd O/S02/Apr/12Farleton Crag
Pleb's Chimney2nd O/S02/Apr/12Farleton Crag
Rough CrackLead O/S02/Apr/12Farleton Crag
Pleasant WallLead O/S02/Apr/12Farleton Crag
Pudding ClubLead O/S02/Apr/12Farleton Crag
Glovers ChimneyAltLd O/S28/Jan/12Ben Nevis
Cool GrooveLead O/S05/Nov/11Stanage Popular
AnotherologyLead O/S05/Nov/11Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackLead O/S05/Nov/11Stanage Popular
Alison RibLead O/S03/Sep/11Bosigran
Dolphin Cracks2nd O/S02/Sep/11Sennen
Zig Zag2nd O/S02/Sep/11Sennen
Corner ClimbLead O/S02/Sep/11Sennen
Corner CrackLead O/S02/Sep/11Sennen