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NameStyleDate Crag name
Born Lippy-23/Nov/14Bowden Doors
Pongo-20/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Slap Happy-20/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy (Ya Bass)-20/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Mestizo SS-20/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Vienna-02/Nov/14Bowden Doors
The Crack-02/Nov/14Bowden Doors
World Line-18/Aug/12Queens Crag
The Magician's Nephew-18/Aug/12Queens Crag
Two Tickets to the Gun Show-18/Aug/12Queens Crag
Little Pixies-05/Aug/12Back Bowden Doors
Easy Up-05/Aug/12Back Bowden Doors
Staggered-02/Aug/12Bowden Doors
Go To Hell-02/Aug/12Bowden Doors
A Northern Soul-06/May/12Hepburn
Titanic Arete-06/May/12Hepburn
Cave Central LH-08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Cave Central RH-08/Apr/12Bowden Doors
Paranoia-17/Mar/12Hangman's Rock
Geordie War Cry-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Reiver's Logic-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Feathering the Penthouse-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Bonny Lasses with Boob Tubes-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Marshmallows Running Through Your Veins-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Breaking Wave-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Slab and Tickle-11/Mar/12Glen Lednock Boulders
Main Wall Sit Start-08/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Viagra Plus Sit Start-08/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Timmy Tip Toes-08/Mar/12Shaftoe Crags
Flake Eliminate-03/Mar/12Bowden Doors
Y-Front SS-03/Mar/12Bowden Doors
Another Arete-02/Mar/12Hepburn
Darth-29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
The Emperor-29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Bechstien-29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Brandt-29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Sharp Arete SS-29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes-02/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Incipient Crack (sit start)-02/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Mantel Madness-02/Feb/12Shaftoe Crags
Childs Play-15/Jan/12Bowden Doors
Sprung-15/Jan/12Bowden Doors
The Nadser-12/Jan/12Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Roof RH-07/Jan/12Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
PinupSent02/Jan/12Back Bowden Doors
Y-Front Direct-27/Dec/11Bowden Doors
His Eminence-15/Dec/11Bowden Doors
Transformer LH-15/Dec/11Bowden Doors
Red Rum-04/Dec/11Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
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