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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Wonderwallf7B ***Sent x 12/Oct/14Crafnant bouldering
36 Chambersf7C ***Sent x 04/Oct/14Tremerchion
Voie Normale ssV6 ***Sent xAnna Reiners27/Sep/14Craig y Llyn
Vennerne7c+ ***Lead RPAnna Reiners07/Sep/14Shipwreck Cove
Hanging By A Thread6c ***Lead O/SAnna Reiners06/Sep/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Cinderella's Big Score7c **Lead RPStevo30/Aug/14Hedbury
Lightning WallHVS 4c ***Solo O/SStevo30/Aug/14Boulder Ruckle
BarracudaE4 5c **Lead O/SStevo30/Aug/14Boulder Ruckle
Wall of the WorldsE5 6a ***Lead O/SStevo30/Aug/14Boulder Ruckle
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **Lead O/SStevo29/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Mr. Choo Choo7a **Lead O/SStevo29/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Daylight Robbery6c *Lead O/SStevo29/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Only locals7b+ Lead O/SAnna Reiners24/Aug/14Massone
Il vizzietto7c Lead O/SAnna Reiners24/Aug/14Massone
Ludness7a *Lead O/SAnna Reiners24/Aug/14Massone
Gino e la sfiga6b+ Lead O/SAnna Reiners24/Aug/14Massone
The Thumb8a ***Lead RPMatt Welsh09/Aug/14Kilnsey
The Cloud Chamberf7B+ ***Sent xMatt Welsh07/Aug/14Sour Milk Boulders
Dry GraspE4 6a **Lead βAshley Clarke07/Aug/14Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
Illywacker7b+ **Lead RPMatt Welsh03/Aug/14Giggleswick North
The MinotaurE5 6a ***Lead 27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
Bloody SundayE4 6a ***Lead 27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
Shape-UpE1 5b **Lead 27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
The MinotaurE5 6a ***Lead O/SStevo27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
Bloody SundayE4 6a ***Lead O/SStevo27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
Shape-UpE1 5b **Lead O/SStevo27/Jul/14Huntsman's Leap
Test CaseE3 5c ***Lead O/SStevo, Dave Pinnington26/Jul/14St. Govan's Head
Get Some InE5 6a ***Lead O/SStevo, Dave Pinnington26/Jul/14St. Govan's Head
DerangedE2 5c ***Lead O/SStevo, Dave Pinnington26/Jul/14St. Govan's Head
Diamond SmilesE3 5c ***Lead O/SStevo13/Jul/14Lower Sharpnose Point
Out of the BlueE2 5b ***Lead O/SStevo13/Jul/14Lower Sharpnose Point
FayE4 5c ***Lead O/SStevo13/Jul/14Lower Sharpnose Point
Orange Sunshine7c+ *Lead RPDave Pinnington06/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
Kaiser WallE3 6a ***Lead O/SStevo01/Jun/14Wintour's Leap
King KongE1 5b ***Lead O/SStevo01/Jun/14Wintour's Leap
Ocean BoulevardE3 5b ***Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
Mother AfricaE4 6a ***Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
ThunderballHVS 5a ***Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
JoHVS 5a ***Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
Billy PiggE1 5b **Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
BuccaneerE2 5b ***Lead O/SStevo25/May/14Boulder Ruckle
A por Espid8a ***Lead RPMatt Donelly20/Apr/14Fígols
Aspid8b+ Lead RPMatt Donelly18/Apr/14Fígols
El Segre L17c+ Lead βAlly Smith15/Apr/14Tres Ponts
Black Snake Moan8a **Lead RPStevo30/Mar/14Brean Down
La Flaire7c+ **Lead O/SAlly Smith16/Mar/14Fígols
Unnamed 7c+7c+ Lead O/SAlly Smith15/Mar/14Oliana
Out of Body Experience8a **Lead RPAlly Smith09/Mar/14Dinbren Crags
Hatch LifeV10 **Sent x 02/Mar/14Parisella's Cave
Trabubulandia7b+ Lead βAlly Smith04/Jan/14Chulilla
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