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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Wonderlust6b **Lead rptEric Pieuchot17/Aug/14Cheyne Wears Area
Trad Free World6b ***Lead O/SEric Pieuchot16/Aug/14Wallsend South
Stalker's Zone6a+ ***Lead rptEric Pieuchot16/Aug/14Wallsend South
The Lizard of Oz6a+ **Lead rptjayesh09/Aug/14Blacknor South
Loose Cannon7a **TR dogjayesh09/Aug/14Blacknor South
Stalker's Zone6a+ ***Lead O/SEric Pieuchot03/Aug/14Wallsend South
The Jewel of the Isle6b+ ***Lead RPEric Pieuchot03/Aug/14Wallsend South
The Unworthy6c **Lead RPWill27/Jul/14The Cuttings
Pining for Glossop7a **TR dogWill26/Jul/14Blacknor South
Tropical Dreams6a **Lead O/Sjayesh21/Apr/14Sierra de Toix
Universal6a *Lead O/Sjayesh21/Apr/14Sierra de Toix
Gufelwufel5a *Lead O/Sjayesh21/Apr/14Sierra de Toix
Optas6a+ *Lead O/Sjayesh19/Apr/14Alcalali
Yorkshire Lads6b *Lead O/Sjayesh19/Apr/14Alcalali
Diferente Partes6c ***Lead RPjayesh19/Apr/14Alcalali
Caprichosa6b **Lead O/Sjayesh15/Apr/14Pena Roja (Lliber)
Through the Magic Door6a *Lead rptjayesh15/Apr/14Pena Roja (Lliber)
Sin tarjeta de presentación7a ***Lead dogjayesh15/Apr/14Pena Roja (Lliber)
Cuerpo de mujer6a **Lead O/Sjayesh13/Apr/14L'Ocaive
La esquina asesina6a+ **Lead O/Sjayesh13/Apr/14L'Ocaive
La Pricessa de la Llosa6b+ **Lead βjayesh13/Apr/14L'Ocaive
Lobo6a *Lead O/Sjayesh12/Apr/14Sierra de Toix
The Price of Silence6a **Lead rptjayesh24/Aug/13Battleship Back Cliff
Reve d'un Corbeau7a *Lead RPjayesh24/Aug/13Battleship Main
Acro dub F976a Lead O/SSven27/May/13Roc a Steph
Courte échelle6a Lead RPSven27/May/13Roc a Steph
la voie des peres tranquilles5c Lead O/SSven26/May/13Calames
Couleur7a Lead dogSven26/May/13Roc a Steph
Trompe l'oeil6a+ *Lead O/SSven24/May/13Roc a Steph
Des chenes-toi!6a Lead O/SSven24/May/13Roc a Steph
Samantha6b Lead RPSven24/May/13Roc a Steph
4 You6a **Lead O/SRockbusters02/May/13Sierra de Toix
Steinbeisser6a *Lead O/SRockbusters02/May/13Sierra de Toix
Gripper6a+ *Lead O/SRockbusters02/May/13Sierra de Toix
Salida7a **TR dogRockbusters02/May/13Sierra de Toix
El Ojo de Yavé7a **TR dogRockbusters01/May/13Sella
Cardo Borriquera6a **Lead O/SRockbusters01/May/13Sella
Cardo Borriquero Extension6c+ **Lead dnfRockbusters01/May/13Sella
La Tina de Turner6a Lead O/SRockbusters30/Apr/13Sella
Camilo el rey6b **Lead O/SRockbusters30/Apr/13Sella
Valor y Coraje6a+ **Lead O/SRockbusters30/Apr/13Sella
Zig-zag atómico6a Lead O/SRockbusters29/Apr/13Sella
Aquí tampoco6c **Lead dnfRockbusters29/Apr/13Sella
Aquí no nos dejan aparcar6a+ *Lead O/SRockbusters28/Apr/13Sella
Wagageegee6a+ **Lead O/SRockbusters28/Apr/13Sella
Lazy Days and Summer Haze6a+ **Lead rptjon09/Sep/12Battleship Main
Margaret on the Guillotine6a **Lead rptjon09/Sep/12Battleship Main
The Price of Silence6a **Lead rptjon09/Sep/12Battleship Back Cliff
Buoys will be Buoys6b+ ***Lead RPjon09/Sep/12Battleship Back Cliff
Fear's Younger Brother6a **Lead rptjon08/Sep/12Blacknor Far South
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