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NameStyleDate Crag name
Shadow AreteAltLd O/S12/Oct/14Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Shadow AreteAltLd O/S12/Oct/14Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Pigeon Hole CrackLead O/S08/Jun/14Holyhead Mountain
Wally's Folly2nd O/S08/Jun/14Holyhead Mountain
Nerd Corner (The North Wall)2nd O/S06/Jun/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
V-Groove2nd O/S18/May/14Dyffryn Mymbyr
Caseg2nd rpt18/May/14Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
FraithLead β18/May/14Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
GrisiauLead β18/May/14Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
Hollt Lydan2nd rpt18/May/14Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
Chatterbox2nd rpt18/May/14Dyffryn Mymbyr
Letter BoxLead β18/May/14Dyffryn Mymbyr
HowlersLead O/S15/May/14Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Un-AidedLead rpt15/May/14Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Murren2nd rpt15/May/14Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Mango2nd rpt15/May/14Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Stu the RabbitLead O/S26/Apr/14Craig yr Haul
Matt's Pad2nd O/S26/Apr/14Craig yr Haul
Brownstones CrackSolo rpt21/Apr/14Brownstones
HerniaSolo O/S21/Apr/14Brownstones
LobotomySolo O/S21/Apr/14Brownstones
SlimerSolo O/S21/Apr/14Brownstones
Verdi WallSolo O/S21/Apr/14Brownstones
Rappel WallLead O/S21/Apr/14Wilton 3
Fingernail2nd O/S18/Apr/14Wilton 1
Brownstones CrackSolo O/S18/Apr/14Brownstones
The NicheLead O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
Bloody Crack2nd O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
The NithinLead O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
Keep Corner2nd O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
No NameLead O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
The NithinLead O/S09/Mar/14Castle Naze
Right Triplet Crack2nd O/S07/Dec/13Windgather Rocks
Small WallSolo RP07/Dec/13Windgather Rocks
Rooster2nd O/S21/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
Chicken Run2nd O/S21/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
Fern CrackLead O/S21/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
Maud's Garden2nd O/S21/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
Damascus Crack2nd O/S21/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
Central Slab RouteLead O/S03/Aug/13Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
P2Sent O/S03/Aug/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P9Sent O/S03/Aug/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P8Sent O/S03/Aug/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P1Sent O/S03/Aug/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
P10Sent O/S03/Aug/13Caseg Fraith Boulder
BulgeTR O/S20/Jul/13Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
Recess Left2nd O/S20/Jul/13Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
Recess LeftSolo β20/Jul/13Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
CasegLead O/S20/Jul/13Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf
GrugLead O/S20/Jul/13Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf