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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Apron Strings5.10b ***AltLd O/S16/Jul/15Squamish Chief
Hairpin5.10a **AltLd O/S14/Jul/15Papoose
North RidgeAD AltLd12/Jun/15Mt Baker
Mushroom5.9 **Lead O/S11/May/15Papoose
Centerfold5.10b AltLd O/S11/May/15Papoose
Dark Shadows5.8 ***AltLd O/S06/Apr/15 Pine Creek Canyon
Black Magic5.8 AltLd O/S05/Apr/15First Creek Canyon &...
Black Orpheus5.10a AltLd O/S04/Apr/15Oak Creek Canyon
Sunblessed5.10b ***AltLd02/Mar/15Squamish Chief
Picket Line5.9 **Lead O/S22/Feb/15Little Smoke Bluffs
North East ButtressTD ***AltLd14/Sep/14Mount Slesse
Jugs, Not Drugs5.8 ***Lead O/S10/Sep/14Murrin Park
Rock On5.10b ***AltLd O/S26/Aug/14Squamish Chief
Slot Machine5.8 **Lead O/S23/Aug/14Squamish Chief
Exasperator5.10c ***AltLd08/Aug/14Squamish Chief
Buckingham Route - The Enjoyable Way5.8 *-01/Aug/14Snowpatch Spire
Kain RouteAD ***-30/Jul/14The Bugaboos
Northeast Ridge (Bugaboo Spire)5.8 ***-30/Jul/14The Bugaboos
McTech Arete5.10a ***AltLd29/Jul/14Crescent Spire, Bugaboos
West Ridge of Pidgeon SpirePD ***-29/Jul/14The Bugaboos
Surf's Up (South West Ridge)5.9 ***AltLd26/Jul/14Snowpatch Spire
Totally Clips5.10b ***TR23/Jul/14Murrin Park
Wicker Cranium5.9 ***Lead O/S23/Jul/14Murrin Park
A Little Testis5.10c ***TR O/S23/Jul/14Murrin Park
Happy noodle5.9 Lead O/S23/Jul/14Murrin Park
Hungry Hippos5.10a *Lead O/S23/Jul/14Murrin Park
Owen-Spalding Route5.4 ***-18/Jul/14Grand Teton NP
Southwest Ridge, Symmetry Spire5.7 Lead17/Jul/14Grand Teton NP
Irene's Arete (Disappointment Peak5.8 ***Lead15/Jul/14Grand Teton NP
Flake Off5.6 **Lead11/Jul/14Murrin Park
Up for Grabs5.8 **Lead11/Jul/14Murrin Park
Handful5.9 **Lead11/Jul/14Murrin Park
Zoe5.10a ***Lead O/S08/Jul/14Murrin Park
The Reacharound5.9 **Lead O/S08/Jul/14Murrin Park
Under The Mercy5.9 **Lead O/S08/Jul/14Malamute
Stefanie's Tears5.9 **Lead O/S08/Jul/14Malamute
High Mountain Woody5.9 Lead O/S08/Jul/14Malamute
Paul's Crack5.10a **Lead O/S08/Jul/14Malamute
Yak Check5.9 ***AltLd06/Jul/14Yak Peak
The Angel's Crest5.10c ***AltLd02/Jul/14Squamish Chief
Banana Peel5.7 ***AltLd O/S27/Jun/14Squamish Chief
Wonderland5.9 ***Lead O/S26/Jun/14Little Smoke Bluffs
Smoke Bluff Connection5.10a ***AltLd26/Jun/14Little Smoke Bluffs
East RidgeAD *-19/Jun/14Joffre Peak
East RidgeAD *-18/Jun/14Mt Matier
NE SpurPD+ -17/Jun/14Mt Matier
SE FacePD+ -17/Jun/14Joffre Peak
Point Blank5.9 **AltLd O/S13/Jun/14Little Smoke Bluffs
Funarama5.9 **Lead O/S13/Jun/14Little Smoke Bluffs
First Class5.9 ***Lead O/S13/Jun/14Little Smoke Bluffs