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NameStyleDate Crag name
Pocket Slab Far RightSent x03/Dec/14Chapel Stile Boulders
Pocket Slab RightSent x03/Dec/14Chapel Stile Boulders
Pocket Slab LeftSent x03/Dec/14Chapel Stile Boulders
Pocket Slab Far LeftSent x03/Dec/14Chapel Stile Boulders
Cub's CrackLead RP05/Nov/14Scout Crags
The PromenadeSolo β14/Sep/14Birchen Edge
The Chain2nd O/S14/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Monument Chimney Crack2nd O/S14/Sep/14Birchen Edge
Sail Chimney2nd O/S14/Sep/14Birchen Edge
The GangplankSolo O/S14/Sep/14Birchen Edge
ShuffleLead O/S12/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Ice BoatTR dog12/Sep/14Stanage Popular
The Little Flake CrackTR O/S12/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Pedestal Chimney2nd O/S12/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Route 1 (Slab problem #3)TR O/S05/Sep/14Black Rocks
Sand ButtressTR O/S05/Sep/14Black Rocks
Sand GullyLead O/S05/Sep/14Black Rocks
Jug Right-handSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Concave WallSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Bow-Shaped WallSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Bow AreteSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Bow Arete RightSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Left BulgeSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Right BulgeSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Slab WallSent O/S18/Aug/14Harborough Rocks
Middle SlabSent x15/Aug/14Cratcliffe Tor
Middle Slab RightSent x15/Aug/14Cratcliffe Tor
Left Egg AreteSent x15/Aug/14Cratcliffe Tor
Angle AreteSent x15/Aug/14Robin Hood's Stride
Crack and FaceSent O/S05/Aug/14Black Rocks
RubySent O/S05/Aug/14Black Rocks
RenaissanceSent x03/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Square WallSent x03/Aug/14Baslow Edge
RoundaboutSent dnf03/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Chimney CrackSent x29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Trackside ScoopSent x29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Cresent SlabSent x29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareSent dnf29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Mini ProwSent x29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Seams Simple EnoughSent dnf29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Chimney CrackSent O/S29/Jul/14Curbar Edge
Fou j'erreLead dog21/Jun/14St.Triphon
FissureLead O/S14/Jun/14St.Triphon
Derniere NeeLead O/S14/Jun/14St.Triphon
Vieux PitonLead O/S14/Jun/14St.Triphon
Ecole du RireTR O/S14/Jun/14St.Triphon
Barre a MineTR O/S14/Jun/14St.Triphon
L'arête (Grand Gailland)Lead O/S08/Jun/14Les Gaillands
Les écaillesTR O/S08/Jun/14Les Gaillands
Directe à l'arbreLead O/S08/Jun/14Les Gaillands
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