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Logbook for zdenek strycek

47 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Never Drive a Car When You're Dead6a **LeadKarolina Klos15/Jan/12Battleship Main
Lazy Days and Summer Haze6a+ **LeadKarolina Klos15/Jan/12Battleship Main
Pinch an Inch6a **LeadKarolina Klos???/2012Battleship Main
Chalkie and the Hex 55c **LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos20/Nov/11The Cuttings
High StreetD *Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos12/Nov/11Subluminal
BypassS 4b *Lead O/S 12/Nov/11Subluminal
Idiot Village6a+ *Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
The Fantastic Mr Faz6a+ Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
Think About It6a+ *Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
Any Old Time6b *Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
Post-coital Snooze6a *Lead O/STrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
Think About It6a+ *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos15/Oct/11Winspit
Mackerel5a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos09/Oct/11Winspit
Nine Years Absence6a LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos09/Oct/11Winspit
Stone Mason6a+ **LeadTrevedian09/Oct/11Winspit
So Naughty5a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos09/Oct/11Winspit
Insect Graveyard6b *Lead rptTrevedian08/Oct/11Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ *LeadTrevedian08/Oct/11Winspit
Resin Devotion6a *LeadTrevedian08/Oct/11Winspit
Know What I Mean Pal6a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Oct/11Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Oct/11Winspit
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos24/Sep/11Blacknor North
Cinema Paradiso6a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos24/Sep/11Blacknor North
Very Sleepy River6b **LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos24/Sep/11Blacknor North
Do You Like Our Owls?6b *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos24/Sep/11Blacknor North
Mother's Milk6a **LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos24/Sep/11Blacknor North
Moral Flexibility5a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Sep/11Hedbury
Very Ordinary Route2 *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Sep/11Hedbury
New Age, New Style5c *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Aug/11Hedbury
Sea View3 *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Aug/11Hedbury
Another Contribution2 *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos08/Aug/11Hedbury
Chips with Everything4c *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Consommé6a+ **LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Evening Mistress6b *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Jam4a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Opus4a *-Trevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Three Fingers5c *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth6b **-Trevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Two Fingers6a *LeadTrevedian, Karolina Klos22/Jul/11The Cuttings
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Edward's Wallnone 5c TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Wallnone 5b ***TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Diversionnone 5c *TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Bow Windownone 4a **TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Sashcord Cracknone 4a *TRTrevedian, Karolina Klos29/Apr/11Harrisons Rocks
Valerian6a *LeadTrevedian16/Apr/11Blacknor Central