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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Yoke summitsummit -Mark Brierley09/Feb/14Yoke
Ill Bell summitsummit -Mark Brierley09/Feb/14Ill Bell
Froswick summitsummit -Mark Brierley09/Feb/14Froswick
Sour Howes summitsummit -Dave Moon09/Apr/13Sour Howes
Sallows summitsummit -Dave Moon09/Apr/13Sallows
Yoke summitsummit -Dave Moon09/Apr/13Yoke
Bleaberry Fell summitsummit -Dave Moon19/Mar/13Bleaberry Fell
High Rigg summitsummit -Dave Moon19/Mar/13High Rigg
High Seat summitsummit -Dave Moon19/Mar/13High Seat
Walla Crag summitsummit -Dave Moon19/Mar/13Walla Crag
Loughrigg Fell summitsummit -Dave Moon22/Feb/13Loughrigg Fell
Black Fell summitsummit -Dave Moon06/Feb/13Black Fell
Holm Fell summitsummit -Dave Moon06/Feb/13Holm Fell
Black Fell summitsummit - 02/Feb/13Black Fell
Holm Fell summitsummit - 02/Feb/13Holm Fell
Castle Crag summitsummit -Hayley Moon, Leanne Moon,...06/Jan/13Castle Crag
Holly Throttled GrooveD Solo O/S 12/Apr/12Jack Scout Crag
WhitebeamVD Solo O/S 12/Apr/12Jack Scout Crag
PuckM Lead O/SLeanne Moon, Chloe Moon11/Apr/12Fairy Steps
RobinM TR O/SLeanne Moon11/Apr/12Fairy Steps
LedgewayM Lead O/SChloe Moon25/Mar/12Denham Quarry
Tower GrooveD Lead O/SChloe Moon25/Mar/12Denham Quarry
Great Crag summitsummit -Nicola14/Mar/12Great Crag
Grange Fell summitsummit -Nicola14/Mar/12Grange Fell
TrigularM Lead O/SHayley Moon, Leanne Moon,...11/Mar/12Denham Quarry
Harter Fell summitsummit - 01/Mar/12Harter Fell
Green Crag summitsummit - 01/Mar/12Green Crag
Wetherlam summitsummit -Mike Lewis, Mark Atkinson,...04/Feb/12Wetherlam
Swirl How summitsummit -Mike Lewis, Mark Atkinson,...04/Feb/12Swirl How
Great Carrs summitsummit -Mike Lewis, Mark Atkinson,...04/Feb/12Great Carrs
Grey Friar summitsummit -Mike Lewis, Mark Atkinson,...04/Feb/12Grey Friar
Brim Fell summitsummit -Mike Lewis, Mark Atkinson,...04/Feb/12Brim Fell
Baystones summitsummit -Nicola28/Jan/12Baystones
Wansfell summitsummit -Nicola28/Jan/12Wansfell
Nab Scar summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Nab Scar
Heron Pike summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Heron Pike
Stone Arthur summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Stone Arthur
Great Rigg summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Great Rigg
Fairfield summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Fairfield
Hart Crag summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Hart Crag
Dove Crag summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Dove Crag
High Pike (Scandale) summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12High Pike (Scandale)
Low Pike summitsummit -Neil Jepson, Mike Lewis, Mark...08/Jan/12Low Pike
The Knott summitsummit -Craig Roberts03/Jan/12The Knott
High Street summitsummit -Craig Roberts03/Jan/12High Street
Thornthwaite Crag summitsummit -Craig Roberts03/Jan/12Thornthwaite Crag
Stony Cove Pike summitsummit -Craig Roberts03/Jan/12Stony Cove Pike
Helm Crag summitsummit -Mark Atkinson, Craig Roberts27/Dec/11Helm Crag
Gibson Knott summitsummit -Mark Atkinson, Craig Roberts27/Dec/11Gibson Knott
Calf Crag summitsummit -Mark Atkinson, Craig Roberts27/Dec/11Calf Crag
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