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NameStyleDate Crag name
SlabbySent x09/Mar/15Grand Wall Boulders
It's About TimeSent x04/Mar/15Grand Wall Boulders
Sunshine and LollipopsSent x??/Mar/15Grand Wall Boulders
Double DeckerSent x???/2015Grand Wall Boulders
Simply ParadiseSent O/S05/Sep/14Paradise Valley
The Mirror RightSent x05/Sep/14Paradise Valley
Paradise TraverseSent x05/Sep/14Paradise Valley
Underminer's DaughterSent x05/Sep/14Paradise Valley
The Crystal MethodSent O/S05/Sep/14Paradise Valley
American GigoloSent x24/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
Cheese GraterSent O/S24/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
Seam ProblemSent O/S22/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
Lounge ActSent x22/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
Centre SlabSent x17/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
Swank StretchSent x16/Aug/14Grand Wall Boulders
The Cutting Edge (post Nov 2010)Sent x15/Aug/14Apron Boulders, Squamish
CrackheadSent x31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Old and SeriousSent x31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Tim's Sloper ProblemSent x31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Trap DoorSent x31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
The Ice CubeSent O/S31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Iceberg RightSent O/S31/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Flow StoneSent x26/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Pinching MyselfSent x26/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Rolling StonesSent x26/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
MantraSent x26/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
PalminatorSent O/S18/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Easy TraverseSent O/S18/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Diagonals SlabSent O/S18/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Any Rock'll DoSent O/S18/Jul/14Grand Wall Boulders
Whispering WatersSent x14/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Wild KingdomSent O/S14/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Cat FightSent x14/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Yak AttackSent O/S14/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Space MonkeySent x14/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Squealing PorkSent dnf02/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Chicken Lips & AssholesSent x02/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
The BarrelSent O/S02/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Detached FlakeSent O/S02/Jul/14North Walls Boulders
Prime Time Sit-downSent x02/Jul/14Murrin Park
Ice StormSent x02/Jul/14Murrin Park
CarmelSent O/S02/Jul/14Murrin Park
Dumb SlabSent rpt03/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Heartbreak HotelSent O/S02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Trad KillerSent rpt02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Wafer ThinSent O/S02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Bobo Jones (Bo Jo Jones)Sent x02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
ViperSent x02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Squamish Days TraverseSent O/S02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders
Anatomy LessonSent x02/Jun/14Grand Wall Boulders