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NameStyleDate Crag name
Nose Arête LeftSent06/Oct/14Roaches Upper Tier
P.17Sent05/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
P.15Sent05/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
P.18Sent05/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Classic AreteSent05/Oct/14Roaches Lower Tier
Joe's ArêteSent05/Oct/14Roaches Upper Tier
Joe's PortholesSent05/Oct/14Roaches Upper Tier
The RampSent27/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
Roadside RighthandSent27/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P4Sent24/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P5Sent24/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
P1Sent20/Sep/14RAC boulders
P2Sent20/Sep/14RAC boulders
P3Sent20/Sep/14RAC boulders
P4Sent20/Sep/14RAC boulders
P5Sent20/Sep/14RAC boulders
Browns Crack (sit down start)Sent18/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
Pocket WallSent18/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
The ScoopSent18/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
Scoop LipSent18/Sep/14Cromlech boulders
P7Sent18/Sep/14Pont y Gromlech Slabs
The SeamSent18/Sep/14Pont y Gromlech Slabs
Murray's Route2nd13/Sep/14Dow Crag
Mendes2nd12/Sep/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Bilberry Buttress2nd12/Sep/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Revelation2nd12/Sep/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Evening Wall2nd12/Sep/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
Dendrophile (Baltic Blue 5)Sent09/Sep/14Apremont
Fascination (Baltic Blue 7)Sent09/Sep/14Apremont
La Dent Creuse (Orange 1)Sent09/Sep/14Apremont
Les Trois Points d'Appui (Orange 2)Sent09/Sep/14Apremont
Orange 2Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 3Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 6Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 7Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
orange 8Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
orange 9Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
orange 10Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
orange 11Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
orange 13Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 15Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 16Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 4Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 5Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Orange 1Sent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Le Petit DruSent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
L'AdhérenceSent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
La ClaudieSent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
La PénibleSent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
Le Jeu de DallesSent07/Sep/14Rocher d'Avon
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