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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
SuperdirectHVS 5a **2nd16/May/15Milestone Buttress
Boysen's grooveV4 ***Sent21/Apr/15Wavelength Boulders
The CrackV0 **Sent21/Apr/15Wavelength Boulders
Utopia CentralV4 **Sent21/Apr/15Wavelength Boulders
NWB Lefthand P1V3 *Sent13/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Brown's CrackV1 ***Sent13/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Ramp CentralV2 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Ramp LefthandV2 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Road Side P14V0 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Roadside P19V2 *Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Roadside Problem 23V2 **Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
Roadside Problem 22V1 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
P22V1 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
P23V2 Sent10/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
TensionVS 4b **2nd09/Apr/15Holyhead Mountain
Black and TanVS 4c *2nd09/Apr/15Holyhead Mountain
TempestS 4a *Lead09/Apr/15Holyhead Mountain
D'ElephantVD *Solo09/Apr/15Holyhead Mountain
HatVD Solo09/Apr/15Holyhead Mountain
Wally's FollyVD Lead19/Mar/15Holyhead Mountain
The Wandering PrimroseS 4a 2nd19/Mar/15Holyhead Mountain
Pigeon Hole CrackS 4a Lead19/Mar/15Holyhead Mountain
EquinoxVS 4c **2nd26/Feb/15Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's GoldE1 5c **2nd26/Feb/15Bus Stop Quarry
NWB Central P6V0+ Sent15/Feb/15Cromlech boulders
NWB Central P7 (Sit start)V3 Sent15/Feb/15Cromlech boulders
Christmas Curry / Micah EliminateHS 4a ***AltLd14/Feb/15Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Dried-Mouth Frog HSHS Lead06/Feb/15Australia
Bise-Mon-CulE2 5c **2nd06/Feb/15Australia
Jagged Face4a Lead05/Feb/15Bus Stop Quarry
mud slide slim/Ferrero RocheHS 4a 2nd02/Feb/15Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's GoldE1 5c **2nd02/Feb/15Bus Stop Quarry
Comfort Zone5c Lead22/Jan/15Bus Stop Quarry
The Big Easy4a Lead22/Jan/15Bus Stop Quarry
SolsticeHVS 5a *2nd22/Jan/15Bus Stop Quarry
Septuagenarian6a *2nd22/Jan/15Bus Stop Quarry
First Stop5a Lead22/Jan/15Bus Stop Quarry
The Deceptive Dyke5c *2nd20/Jan/15Australia
Sad Man Who's SaneVS 4c *2nd20/Jan/15Australia
Gadaffi Duck6b+ **2nd dog11/Jan/15Australia
SeamstressVS 4c ***2nd11/Jan/15Serengeti
Big BusinessV1 5b Sent30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Crozzle SlabV1 5b Sent30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
AreteV0- 4b Sent30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Bullworker slabVB 4a *Sent30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Bullworker Slab TraverseV0+ 5a *Sent30/Nov/14Stanage Plantation
Tufaf6A *Sent29/Nov/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Pocket Wall (Standing)f5 *Sent29/Nov/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Waferf5+ *Sent29/Nov/14Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Nose ArÍte Leftf4+ Sent06/Oct/14Roaches Upper Tier