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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Old ScoopLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
The ScoopLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
The LinkLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
Crack and CaveLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
Balcony ButtressLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
Right Twin CrackLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
Black HawkLead O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
PhysiologySolo O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
SociologySolo O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
AnatomySolo O/S22/Mar/15Stanage Popular
No Picnic for Teddy BearsLead O/S15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
Close to IvyLead O/S15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
Drop TestLead O/S15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
New Bolts and PantiesLead O/S15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
Resins To Be CheerfulLead dog15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
The BoltergeistLead O/S15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
Boisterous BloaterLead dog15/Mar/15Giggleswick North
Primera líneaLead O/S11/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
PrimaveraLead O/S11/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Purgandus populusLead O/S11/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Jota negraLead O/S11/Mar/15Siurana - Village
Can fangaLead O/S11/Mar/15Siurana - Village
Ford MercuryLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
AleluyahLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
MarfullengaLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
KuriosilloLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
Guiri-griLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
IosumiteLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
Botifarra a SequesLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
Mes por que VergonyaLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
Esperó o FissuraLead O/S10/Mar/15Arboli
CicutaLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
DJ PallusLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
LeireLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
AzukikiLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Valley
Fam fácilLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Village
El show dels "teleñecos"Lead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Village
Baronia de CabacésLead O/S09/Mar/15Siurana - Village
Desig d'estiuLead O/S08/Mar/15La Mussara
Donantes de sangreLead O/S08/Mar/15La Mussara
Jarto d'estar HartoLead O/S08/Mar/15La Mussara
En BrauliesLead O/S07/Mar/15Arboli
Possa't la SamarraLead O/S07/Mar/15Arboli
Matèria Satànica MarinaLead dog07/Mar/15Arboli
BorinotLead O/S07/Mar/15Arboli
MelissaLead dog07/Mar/15Arboli
KagamánecsLead O/S07/Mar/15Arboli
No ens Atossiguis!Lead O/S07/Mar/15Arboli
Anticrisis CrackLead O/S05/Mar/15Àger