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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The MaypoleHVS 5a **Solo dnfSue13/Jul/13Lulworth
The Laws TraverseE1 6a **Solo O/SSue13/Jul/13Lulworth
Grossville7a **TR dnfSue12/Jul/13Promenade
The Flail Trail6a *Lead O/SSue12/Jul/13Promenade
My New Top6b+ TR O/SSue12/Jul/13Promenade
Genetix6b *Lead RPSue12/Jul/13Promenade
The Cookie Monster3 SoloSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Rai6a Lead O/SSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Julia6a Lead O/SSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Wall Lizard6c+ Lead RPSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Covert Strike6b *Lead RPSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
The Epicurean Paradox6b+ *Lead RPSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Fix It Duck6b Lead RPSue23/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
When You Were Little You Dreamed You Were Big6b+ Lead RPSue16/Jun/13Battleship Back Cliff
Hanging Out with Halo Jones6a Lead O/SSue16/Jun/13Battleship Back Cliff
One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest5c Lead O/SSue15/Jun/13Battleship Back Cliff
No Chutney on His Ferret5c Lead RPSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Chapter and Verse4a Lead O/SSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Oatsheaf, Chief4a Lead dogSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Training for Hubble6a+ Lead O/SSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Portrait of a Lady6c+ Lead dnfSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Primordial6b Lead O/SSue15/Jun/13Cheyne Wears Area
Old Lag's CornerVS 4c *Lead O/SSue08/Jun/13Cattle Troughs
Ocean BoulevardE3 5b ***2nd O/SSue08/Jun/13Boulder Ruckle
Director's GrooveHVS 5a *2nd O/SSue08/Jun/13Boulder Ruckle
Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune6a *Lead O/SSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Reptile Smile6a+ ***Lead dogSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Cake Walk6a *Lead O/SSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Apfel Strudel6a Lead O/SSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Mother's Milk6a **Lead O/SSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Spanner Eyes7b *TR dnfSue21/Apr/13Blacknor North
Pouch of Douglas5c *Lead O/SSue27/Jan/13Cheyne Wears Area
Bariatric4a Lead O/SSue27/Jan/13Cheyne Wears Area
Italian Eighth6b+ *Lead dogSue27/Jan/13Cheyne Wears Area
Cruise Control6a+ **Lead O/SSue27/Jan/13Cheyne Wears Area
The Pigskin Bus Pulls Into Tuna Town6a *Lead O/SSue27/Jan/13Cheyne Wears Area
Barrio conflictivo6b Lead dog 27/Dec/12Arico Lower Gorge
Al huerto6b Lead O/S 27/Dec/12Arico Lower Gorge
Autoexpensivo6c Lead dog 27/Dec/12Arico Lower Gorge
Semen reciclado6b Lead O/S 27/Dec/12Arico Lower Gorge
Alucines power6b **Lead O/S 26/Dec/12Arico - Los Naranjos
La diosa Tara6b+ Lead O/S 26/Dec/12Arico - Los Naranjos
Toi engangao6c Lead O/S 26/Dec/12Arico - Los Naranjos
La fisura2 Lead O/S 26/Dec/12Arico Lower Gorge
Vigílame bien6a Lead O/S 26/Dec/12Arico - Los Naranjos
Diez años después6b+ Lead O/S 25/Dec/12Guaria
La Quilla6a Lead O/S 23/Dec/12Guaria
No hay colega sin taco5a *Lead O/S 23/Dec/12Arico - Upper Gorge
Wirito Santo6c ***Lead O/S 23/Dec/12Arico - Upper Gorge
No Cepillo Mas6a+ Lead O/S 23/Dec/12Arico - Upper Gorge
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